Miracles and probabilities

A person asked me today if shamanism could cure his intractable disease, a disease that western medicine can't abolish. Basically he is asking for a miracle. A miracle is an outlier healing event. It is very unlikely to happen, but it does happen sometimes. Remember the bell curve? The miracle is on the very edge of the tail. The reason it is an outlier is because no medical system has figured out a consistent cure. If they had, everyone with the illness would flock to the system that always works, and the whole problem would go away.

What about alternative healing systems that offer "miracle cures"? This probably means that they work just often enough to be possible, but not consistently or regularly. That is why they are MIRACLES - outlying and unexpected outcomes.

So can Shamanism offer miracles? Yes! Have I seem them? Yes! It is thrilling beyond words to stand witness when the spirits are providing miraculous healing. But being miracles they remain outlying events; they do not happen every time. What shamanism typically grant is expansive and delightful healing that is beyond expectation. The spirits help us become whole, healthy and happy. And the spirits support and enhance the healing work you are doing for yourself and with the other members of your "team", physicians, therapists, friends, alternative healers and so forth.

I am happy to ask the spirits for a miracle on your behalf, if you will be fully engaged in the prayer with me. And as we do the session, remember what a miracle is, and why it is an uncommon and extraordinary event.