Is Hawk my Power Animal?



Recently I was asked this question from a person who is taking the intro series on-demand:

"I have a strong connection to hawks. I see them everywhere, and when I have a problem one seems to be right there. But when I did the journey the animal who came wasn't a hawk. I am disappointed! Did I do something wrong?"

First I would like to say how fantastic it is that you have the connection to hawk and that you recognize it. It doesn't surprise me that hawk was not the animal who came to you in the journey, though. There are three things here that I would like to share

  • You probably have more than one power animal. Most people do, and as you develop your prowess in non ordinary reality your team will grow. So while hawk didn't come to you in this journey, hawk probably will come to you at a later time.

  • If you had seen hawk this time, you may have doubted yourself journey wise. Most people on the first few journeys are concerned that they are making things up, rather than receiving spirit based information. So having a different, maybe even unexpected power animal may help you trust what you are receiving. Hawk knows this!

  • Be sure to honor hawk as he appears to you, and work with him as he works with you. Our connection to spirit should be in both worlds. It is fantastic that you have this strong relationship. Power on!