Diary from Bonaire

I am moving my new reef journey posts onto pages, and I will catalog them here. That way it will be easier for you to follow along. March 14, 2008: Your Journeys to Heal the Land. The first is a series of Journeys by Lyn Benedict to heal the Open Pit Mine and the old mining tunnels in Butte MT.

Feb 6, 2008: Journey to the reef to help a woman who is crossing over. I learn that Barracuda is helpful in escorting the souls to the other side. That there is a dark hole in the bottom of the ocean where souls cross through to "heaven". That the heaven is very similar to place on the other side of the shimmering portal, but that it is much more deep, and that coming back is hard to do. And I have a delightful middleworld experience with my two Spotted Eagle Ray friends.

Feb 14, 2008: Valentines day and I am thankful to be alive and well. What a week. Forgive me for not posting. I have spent the last 7 days overcoming decompression sickness, otherwise known as the bends. I am exhausted and happy to be heading home on Saturday.