Ollie the Donkey gets a Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval in July 2012 Healing Clinic

Ollie the Shy (formerly) Wild Donkey

Animal: Olli- a 7 year old formerly wild Burro Healing Clinic Date: July 23, 2012 Qualified Healer: Astrid

Request/Concern: Ollie is a gelded formerly wild burro. His current owner has had him for approximately 3-4 years. He is not very trusting of people and scares easily although he is extremely loving and curious from a distance.

Shamanic Healing: The setting of the journey looked Irish Celtic- very green. During the journey Astrid found that Olli had fear and thought forms and would need a soul retrieval. A spirit donkey tribe consisting of donkeys of all ages came and circled around Olli and Olli went off to play with them . Olli was nervous with the spirit humans and spirit human teachers so the leader of the donkeys stood nose to nose with Olli to support him. Astrid and her teachers/helpers used a torch of white light that was able to "X-Ray" Olli. Astrid said he had a fear of expressing who he is. There were a couple of spidery things in his brain which were eaten by one of Astrid's helpers. There was a dark green blob in his throat which her monkey helper scooped out and ate, transforming it to a higher energy. In the heart area was a mustard yellow amoeba-like form which Monkey ate. Olli also had some hot spots on his back end. They used a torch of pure light to fill him up. One of the donkeys brought a part of Olli which Astrid took into her heart and blew into his crown chakra.The donkey tribe began to circle clockwise and then anti clockwise. The leader/helper donkey remained nose to nose with Olli and can be called upon by Olli when Olli needs that support. Olli's power animal Bear came and Astrid blew Bear into Olli. Olli felt very proud and happy with his power Bear.

Client Feedback: It was very moving to observe and listen as Astrid worked. Thanks !!