Reiki and shamanism

glyohcardbackAs a shamanic healer, I insist on working with a compassionate Spirit to guide me whenever I am doing any kind of healing work. This is true for all my journey work, of course, but it is also true for horse massage, hands on energy healing, and Reiki. And so you may be asking, if I am doing Reiki, and I am not connected to a known compassionate Spirit teacher or guide, is this ok? Of course it is! Reiki by definition is a power of love, and you are doing it with one sole purpose, to help where help is needed. Fabulous! And I will go out on a limb and postulate that most people have a compassionate Spirit supporting their work, even though they may not know who that Spirit is. This fall I will be offering a shamanic training series specifically for energy healers and body workers. The idea will be to help people become clearly connected to their teachers, and then to use that connection to enhance their healing work, and to support healing on a very deep level. It is pretty exciting, and I hope you can join the classes.