Remi- Cavalier with Heart Failure

Date: Oct. 24, 2011 Qualified Healer: Gail

Journey /Intention:  Margaret Rap has a 9 year old Cavalier, Remington (Remi),  that is suffering from conjestive Heart Failure and is upset and angry.   He has had a bad heart  for along time, but it “sort of broker 6 weeks ago”.   Currently he has water on his lungs, and that is the biggest thing that needs to be healed.


Summary of the Journey: I took  Reminigton to my healing place where my Guides worked on him.   They talked with him, and Remi told them that he is angry that he is this sick now, and that he loves to run, run, run.   He is feeling his body is shutting down and it bothers him.  He also told my Guides that he does not want to be at the Vet to put down, he would like to stay home.   My Guides, Remi’s Guides and Margaret’s Guides all pulled the water out of Remi’s lungs, and it took a while to do so.   They told me that Remi would fall asleep even while we were doing the work, as he is a tired dog, and getting the water off his lungs would make him feel better.    My Guides told me that Margaret should pick a Power Animal for Remi, and I cannot rremember which was picked, but one was and put into Remi.


Feedback from the Client:

Hello, I wanted to send a quick note on Remington the cavalier. The night after the Journey, Remi and I both had a very nice sleep. 

Overall, Remi's breathing continues to be good - even and not labored.  We don't have another chest xray until December so this is a subjective assessment. 

He was having a bit of a cough last weekend, and that has also eased.  Coughing is not good in congestive heart failure so I am glad the cough has backed off.

He is still mad at the world, but at least I know it is at his physical limitations at not at one of the other dogs.

 I am very grateful that you were able to share his wish not to spend his final moments at the vet. That is very important for me to know - and I will ensure that I meet his wishes!

 I sent you two photos of Remington.  One is a classic "beauty shot" and the other is showing Remington tracking a scent trail in a several acre field.  The tracking photo is the REAL Remington - and you can see why he misses his running games since his illness.

 I hope the spirits choose us to work together again at a future healing clinic.  Danny, Ollie and Dudley need your help too!!

Thank you for the special journey with my Remi!!