Our Sacred Forest

A gift for you from Grandmother Sunflower - your tree in the Spirit’s Sacred Forest - come join us and grow!

10 years ago in Florida I asked Grandmother Sunflower to show me what she wanted me to do with my big, beautiful life. She had me take a walk, and I wandered into a park and met a huge tree with big fanning roots. It was just like the ficus in this picture. She said, “Be like this tree, remember it everyday. Each seed you plant in a healing, in a class, in the simple actions of your life, is a gift that will grow into another fabulous tree. And that tree will share its seeds as well. This is how the Sacred Forest will grow.” I understood that my job was to do my best to nourish the tree through my willingness to stick with it - teaching, offering healings, and building community. The Spirits would bring the people and animals that will resonate and become the seeds for the expanded forest. I had to trust and be the best Carla I could be.

Since then over 50 people have graduated from my intensive programs, and are practitioners in the healing arts, with Shamanism as an integral part of their practice. Many are teaching and building community, planting new seeds. It is a growing forest filled with diversity.

This year Grandmother asked me to change my First Journey so that people will be access the Spirit World through their Ancestral Tree. I created the class Sacred Roots: Journeying to your Ancestral Tree and I am sharing it with the world. This tree is now the first place we touch at the beginning of our journeys, and is the keeper of our personal stories.

Grandmother also asked me to make a point of journeying to my Ancestral Tree every few days and go deep into its trunk, roots and branches. The Tree has become a new portal for me, and is giving me deeper understanding. Grandmother says my next step is to rebirth a class we created years ago, and I let it go fallow, oops. The course is Shamanic Soul Gardening (some of you may remember it). The Ancestral Tree, at the center of your Garden, connecting you to your ancient wisdom and incredible potential, as you co-create your life with Spirit.

The Gardening Course will begin shortly, (dig dig dig, plant plant plant, write write write, whew!) and will have periodic installments, each season, as the earth turns, and our lives unfold in Spirit’s Grace.

Join us for this special adventure. Beginning with Sacred Roots - for free - And I will be sending a special offer for Shamanic Soul Gardening to everyone who downloads the free course. Coming soon!