Sallie Rallies On

Sallie Rallies For Love

NC was worried about Sally, an older dog who was having difficulties. Sally barely got around, walked stiffly, and needed help getting into the car. Also, she has been experiencing some skin problems and food allergies. NC would like to find out how she is feeling. What can be done to make her happy and more comfortable? What does she think about dying, is she scared? NC asks: “Do I need to think of having her put down yet or does she still have a lot of life left?”

Carla’s journey for Sallie:

“I took her on a trip to the upper world where she saw the place she would go and met the dogs she will be with. She was THRILLED and hardly wanted to come back. But she really wants to be with you for more time, so she came home. When her time finally comes the lead dog spirit will come to her with a special crystal collar and ask her to come with him. She will tell you by not wanting to get up at all, nor eat. She will look at you with loving eyes, just to say she loves you. You will know the time is right. She may actually just pass in her sleep. She loves you very much. Sally is in a good place emotionally and will let you know when it is time for her to go – so you can have a lot of comfort in that. When you feel it is time – IT IS!”

NC is happy when Sallie rallies:

“I just wanted to let you know Sally is doing great. She has a lot more energy and gets excited about going for our morning walks again. She is eating good and her quality of life has really improved. I am sure it is a combination of no longer fearing death, her new diet, and perhaps just knowing how much we love her.

It is we who are honored by your help. We will always be grateful!”