Dolphins tell me where they are

Bonaire - Feb 6, 2008

The neighbor came over last night completely ecstatic. He had been diving (of course) and when he surfaced a big pod of dolphins was passing by farther out in the ocean. It was impossible for him to swim with his diving gear on, so he went to the car, stripped and drove down the beach to get ahead of the pod. He went in with only his mask, fins and snorkel and swam like a mad man to reach them. There were over a 100 he said, and they played with him on the surface and under water. He is a young fellow and can free dive pretty deep. This I must do!

I journeyed to dolphin, who works with me frequently, and asked for the best plan. She said they would be passing by down town at 9:00 AM. So at 9:00 AM I was there, and sure enough, so was a small pod. I tried to swim out to them, but it was impossible. They were too far out, too far gone and the boat traffic was scary. So I came back and asked again. “Meet us at Donkey Beach.” They don’t actually say the name of the place, they show it to me. I jumped in the car, made a quick stop to get a flash card for my camera, and when I got to donkey beach one of the dolphins was at the shore! The rest of the pod was further out. By the time I geared up it was too late again.

So I asked again, and they showed me the place called The Lake. Whoosh! This time I was prepared to get in the water upon sighting, but I wasn’t prepared for them to be so far off shore that I couldn’t see them. Fortunately two young people came up and told me, “The dolphins are right in front of that boat” pointing to an approaching boat about 500-1000 yards away. The kids swam like torpedoes and met the pod. I am not that fast but I did reach the tail end of the pod. I got to swim over and near about 10 dolphins as they passed by, but none surfaced with me.

I felt an incredible energetic calm come through me as I was near them. That could have been dolphin energy, or it could have been the endorphins kicking in from my mega swim to reach them. It was nice and the dolphins were magical. I had the camera, and when there was a group very close I aimed it, but alas it didn’t take the picture. Back in the car I asked again, and they said to come again tomorrow to a different place farther north at 7:00 AM. I look forward to it!