The ABC Journey for making choices


Do you have a decision you need to make, and you would like some information to help you make the best choice? Ask me for an ABC journey!

Maybe you need to decide between several treatment options for a medical condition. Or you have to decide where to move, or what job to take, or which dog to adopt.  No doubt you have gathered a lot of information already to help guide you, but it really helps to hear what Spirit has to say before you take the plunge.

In the ABC journey I get a metaphorical story for the outcome of each choice. We set it up so that you have separated your decision into 2 or three distinct choices, as though each one were behind a separate door. In my journey I ask the Spirits to open each door, one at a time, and paint a metaphorical story about the outcome of your decisions - so that you can see beyond the door, and get a sense of what that choice will manifest energetically in your life. Then you can make a more informed choice.

I often use the ABC journey in my own life.

Last month I had a very important decision to make, and I asked Gail Peeler and another SpiritHealer graduate to do this journey for me. I didn't tell them what the subject was. I just told them I had a decision to make, with three distinct choices.

Both women got the same energetic information for the 3 choices. The metaphors and images were different, but the messages were the same: Choice A was aggressive and forceful. B was sweet and gentle, and C was like a void that never really had substance. Their Spirit teachers recommended A first, B for a back up and said to pass on C. I love that kind of confirmation, when two people separately get the same information!

Without knowing the subject, my friends probably personally thought that B would be best, because sweet often seems better than aggressive - but they relayed to me what their teacher's said, "A is the best choice". They were really right! I was actually trying to choose between 3 lawyers to represent me regarding that nasty rollover we had in 2013 where a drunk guy rear ended us.  I did indeed hire lawyer A. And guess what else? B and C had to cancel their appointments at the last minute - as though Spirit had put a glitch on their calendars to support my final answer.

How it works when I journey for you

The ABC journey is perfect for a Fast and Focused session, because I can get information for you fast, and you will have a lot of imagery and information to chew on to help you make a choice. The Spirits will give you metaphorical stories for each outcome that will speak to you and make sense to you, and they will guide you with incredible accuracy.

No matter what the situation, our set up is the same. I will ask you to narrow it down to two or three choices and not tell me what they are! Take out an equal number of pieces of paper, and write down a single choice on each sheet. Now fold them up so the writing is hidden, and shuffle the folded pieces. Grab one folded sheet, without knowing which choice is on it, and label it A. Take the next and label it B, and if there are 3, label the last one, C. That's it. Now its my turn.

I will journey for you and ask my Teacher to show me a metaphorical story if you pick choice A. I typically will see a landscape, with some weather, and a situation unfolding. The story will be pretty easy to interpret. After I get as much information as my Teacher wants to share, I ask to see what is behind the curtain for choice B, and again for choice C (if you have three options). Finally, I ask my teacher to give you her recommendation. You can take it or leave it, that's up to you, but it is nice to have the Spirit's input.

When I am finished with the journey we discuss the imagery to make sure I have communicated it all clearly you, then you unfold the papers and see which of your choices goes with each story. Its pretty amazing how right on the stories are.

So if you need with a decision where you have choices to make, order a Fast and Focused session and I will ask the Spirits to tell you stories to guide your path. It really can make a huge difference in making a decision!