Shamanic Soul Gardening



Lately I have been rethinking my life - what I want to do with my days and what I want to create in my remaining years. I have been teaching and performing shamanism for 10 years full time, and part time for 10 years prior to that. It has been incredible. Each healing teaches me something new about the Spirit world. Every class is a revelation. I have worked long, long hours managing the website, staying connected on social media, keeping track of the classes and doing deep involved healing work.

Last October I had a major life changing car wreck. Over the year it took me to really recover, Matt and I said goodbye to about 20 friends and family members who crossed over. Holy Cow! We have entered our golden years! I spend a lot of time with Spirits, so these people aren’t really “gone", but it sure has made me think about what I want to do with the rest of my living days!

And so I went to visit Grandmother Sunflower, my wise teacher who knows just what to do. She said that it was time for me to learn to life garden. The basic idea is to work with your spirits to design a garden in non ordinary reality that is the mirror of your life. It is not representational. It is not symbolic. It IS your life, reflected in the Spirit world. You can create your garden by living, and you can create your life by journeying and gardening. Really.

There are simple basic steps to the process. The key is doing them.

Here is the very first step: Journey to your teacher and ask to meet a teacher who will be your life garden guide. Your go to Spirit for creating the garden and helping you tend it. I have several Spirits on my team. First is Grandmother Sunflower. Of course! When I began working with her 10 years ago, the first project she had me do was to plant ordinary reality sunflowers and send a few seeds to everyone who had a healing session with me. Second is an English gentleman in the Upper World who tends a flower garden where I go to release and relax. it is filled with old fashioned roses. And recently an ancestor has come to support the work as well, he always enter the garden complete with rubber boots and tools.

The second step is to have a planning session with your Spirits. Can you answer the question, "What do I want my life to produce?" What are the core qualities in my life I want to foster and develop? When I see the pearly gates, what core qualities will I say that I accomplished?  For me there are just a few things. I want to be useful to the spirits and to my community. I want to be successful, because that is important to me.  I want to think and behave with compassion and kindness. I want to have fun, to celebrate and appreciate my blessed life.  Once you have your core qualities, find some pretty objects to associate with them. For me there are 4 crystals that hold the energy of my intentions. These sit in the center of my Shamanic Life Garden in non-ordinary reality.

If you want to farm with me, there are three ways to join in:

Follow the blog: I will be making regular posts about my garden and the process

Come to Bumble Bee Retreat in 2015.

We will be creating live gardens and doing healing work for each other  - all while celebrating life with food, drink and great company in a beautiful authentic Arizona ranch.

Watch the Spirit Healer site, Facebook and email for announcements about a Masterclass Gardening Series. Yes -  there will be Dragons in our gardens.

May your garden grow with beauty and love.