Shamanism for Personal Growth

kissing sunflowers squareAugust 20,2014. noon pacific time. FREE teleclass. Register now! 

When you make Shamanism part of your life, you are inviting the Compassionate Spirits to support you, guide you and heal you. The more you engage with them, the more your life will Bloom!

Over the years of teaching I have seen people get huge personal rewards every time they journey. In fact, the 9 months of dedicated journeying in the Certification Program truly changes people’s lives! This healing happens in many ways.

Shamanic healing is complex with multiple techniques. We learn these techniques one at a time, and as we do, the Spirits show us their power by healing us. So the seeker gets a taste of the sweet medicine each time they ask, “Teacher, how is this done?”

When we apply the techniques, we get more teachings! Every journey is a mission: Speaking to an animal in the afterlife and bringing back healing for his “mom”. Extracting an old energetic blockage and filling the client with fresh healing power. A Power Animal retrieval, or Soul Restoration. We learn so much every time we stand witness to the Spirits healing power.

And then there is the really big one! When we journey we are a bridge to the Spirits, and the healing power we deliver comes through our energetic bones. So when you give healing, you get healing. And the Spirits you are working with know exactly what you need.

Come join us and take a shamanic journey. Meet your Compassionate Spirit who will help you Bloom

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