Shared Conditions - Am I making my animal sick?

My right eye itches. There is nothing wrong with it, but my Icelandic horse Jark has something dreadfully wrong with his left eye. Arizona summers are really hard for him. He is susceptible to flies; they invade every moist region given the slightest opportunity. Last year it was his sheath. I have learned to put SWAT repellent on it daily. This year they got his eyes. I put a fancy new fly mask on him, one with pink ears, and it was a little too big. Jark shook it off. I put it back on. He took it off. After a few days of this game I went back to the old mask that was secure, but it was too late. The fly larvae were breeding deep in the pocket of his eye. At the time of this writing he is in surgery getting them removed before they cause permanent damage. Jark with Kolur

This explains why my eye is blurry and itchy. Jark and I get symbiotic symptoms. When he was a youngster he stepped on a nail. I was at work in town, but my foot cramped up and started stinging. When I got home I found out why - it was nasty. As he healed so did my foot. Fortunately the coincidence isn't consistent. When the flies got his sheath last summer I personally was fine!

I am not taking on Jark's troubles. We simply live in the same energetic field. We are connected, and when he hurts my field senses it and sometimes my body mirrors it. I hurt because he hurts, but he is not "doing" anything to me, nor am I trying to help him by taking his suffering from him.

I think this is a really important thing to understand. Many people ask me if their personal problems are making their animals sick. They often feel guilty, which only makes the situation worse. People also ask if their animal is trying to help them when the animal mirrors a person's pain. "Are they trying to take the pain away from me?". There is no absolute answer to this, as some animals are martyrs. But most are not. Most animals mirror our pain because we are so close that we share energy, just like intermingling branches of trees.

So how can you help a suffering animal who may be mirroring you?

First: Get the animal to the best Vet you know, and give the animal every bit of allopathic, shamanic and energetic medicinal support you can.

Second: Do whatever you can to avoid "projecting" your own stuff. Ask the helping spirits to put a protective shield between you and the animal, so that any pain you may be experiencing is neutralized before it reaches them. Ask the animal's spirit allies to protect them as well.

Third: Do whatever you can to heal yourself. The mirror works both ways. Your healing helps the animal heal. His healing helps you heal.

And finally: If the animal is indeed playing martyr, let them know that it isn't really helping you, and that it is in fact making everything worse because now both of you are unhappy! If they are well it will help you get well too. See step three!