Socrates Case Study - Cancer no longer evident

The doctor told me "Whatever you are doing, keep doing it because it's working".

History: Socrates - A mini schnauzer white, 12 lbs, 5 years old. Lost a lot of weight from Lymphoma. Diagnosed end of June. Liver, Spleen Gastro tract, chest, generates fluids. On prednisone. Did two sessions of chemo - but was so sick. Forget it! Raw food with salmon and steamed Veggies.  Lost weight, but he is happy!

Dear Carla:  I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to give you an update on Socrates. I took him to his oncologist on Thursday and he was speechless. Just by looking at him and doctor was all smiles and told me that he looked healthy and great. He told me that if I had brought him into his office for the first time and told him Socrates had lymphoma, he would've not believed me. But he knew what Socrates had because he had diagnosed him. He said he had no explanation, but that maybe those two chemo sessions were more than enough for him. I was thinking more in the lines of miracle, energy work, love and change of diet. :)  Then he took him to do an ultra sound and blood work to check how he was doing in the inside. There are no tumors. Everything is gone. He was filled with tumors on his abdomen and now it's back to normal. He said he only had a lymph node in his chest that was a bit larger than usual, but he was not concerned. The doctor was all smiles and could not believe how healthy Socrates was. My eyes were teary as it was the best news I had received concerning his health. He said he wanted to continue keeping an eye on him, and to  bring him in the next two months, in case this comes back.

The doctor told me "Whatever you are doing, keep doing it because it's working".

I wanted to thank you for your healing energy. I remember the night of the session he was playing with his toy while you were working on me, but as soon as you said "Bring Socrates forward" he left the toy on the side and laid his head on the carpet, and there he stayed until you finished. I will continue to love and care for Socrates as usual so this doesn't come back.

Thanks again!!! Carola