Song Doctoring with Hymns

This weekend I did a hands on healing for lady. It wasn’t my usual way of working, but it sure was strong. I am excited to tell you about it! I attended graduation for my nephew-in-law-to-be at Abiline Christian University, a Church of Christ college. Church of Christ services feature acapella songs are the living breath of the entire congregation. It is very moving to be in service, hearing this collective love. At the celebration party I was taken aside and asked to do some healing on a lady’s leg. I felt very honored, as these wonderful souls know I am not exactly on their path, but they trust that I am of love and compassion. I wanted to bring in the power of their faith to support my work, and at the same time I wanted to work my way, silently, with my hands on, conveying compassionate power of my usual Spirit companions and using my bodywork training to facilitate the releases.

There is a Shamanic healing practice called song doctoring where the healer journeys and receives a song for the client from her Spirit Allies. The healer then sings it over the client, and teaches the client to sing the song for themselves. The song carries the healing power through it, traveling through the intention of the healer and the client. It occurred to me that the church’s hymns can do the same, conveying the power of the Holy Spirit, aligned with the clear healing intention of the people supporting the healing we were attempting.

I asked a gentleman with an extraordinary voice to sing hymns over the lady as I put my hands on her leg. I asked her to remember she was blessed, and to hold her hands over her heart and feel the power of God inside her.  I opened my vessel to the power of the Holy Spirit and the Biblical Spirits these people love, and of course to the compassionate Spirits I always work with. The power was so beautiful! My sister said we looked like we were draped in white light. When I looked to see who was there, I personally saw the Virgin Mary.

The lady reported feeling heat in her leg and a feeling of grace. Her leg stopped hurting and she had no pain through the night - highly unusual. I don’t know how long-lasting the healing will be, but I know she felt that God had blessed her. The next morning she greeted me with the affirmation - “I am blessed.”  So wonderful to hear, and we both knew that it was true. I pray for her full recovery!

Blessings to you. You, too are blessed! Sing it out!