Soul Retrieval and PTSD

Last week a person I'll call Sam (and them to avoid gender ID) came to me for a shamanic Soul Retrieval healing session to get unstuck. Sam had recently suffered a violent criminal attack that left them blocked in all ways - like their life force had been unplugged. Sam is getting court sponsored therapy for PTSD, which is helping. But the whole event brought them face to face with their older, deeper issues around confidence, worthiness and personal happiness.

"Why can't I be confident and happy? Why does this always happen to me?" These are the kinds of questions that come up when we have significant soul loss, and we are not operating with our full life force.  Sam wants LIFE back! Sam wants to move forward with confidence and joy, connected with safe, loving companions.

Our session was lengthy - rich with beautiful imagery and healing energy. The Spirits were strong and clear. In the end I felt confident that Sam would thrive despite what they had been through. 10 days later Sam wrote this:

Dear Carla: I wanted to reach out to you and thank you so incredibly much for blessing me with your time. I feel like a weight was lifted off of me. I still feel like I could use a bit more work eventually.  What would you suggest for me as my next steps so I can continue growing spiritually onthis amazing path?  With Gratitude,  Sam

Dear Sam: I am so excited for you! That is great news!  I am sure you will need more work,  EVERYONE DOES!  :-)  We are all human! The first thing to do is to learn to journey. I have an on demand series, and the first class is free. Here is the link, Carla

PS: I love this painting, Soul of a Unicorn, by Josephine Wall. It is available for purchase at