Spiral Riding - a sweet connection

Spiral Riding: Healing co-created conditions All of us in close relationships have mirrored conditions. Human/dog, mother/child, people/people, dog/dog: you name it, if there is a close bond there is overlapping energy and its manifestations. I call these co-created conditions, and my mission is to find shamanic ways to heal them. My teachers have just given me some new Spiral Magic to use to heal them.

I have been very intent on improving my riding, and it has been hard. Old habits are difficult to change. I know that we are mirrors to our horses. Where we are stiff so are they, and it is our job to induce the change to softness. Lyra came to me to teach me and she is one stiff pony. To help her and me, I did a variation on the Spiral Ceremony. It felt very powerful as I was doing it, but the proof came the next day. She was soft as butter! When I rode her my Teacher instructed me to merge with the spiral again. All the stiffness melted away! She became round and happy, reaching into the bit, lifting her back, and floating in all her gaits. Just like that.

Now to repeat it with consistency. Yah sure you betcha.

I am teaching this technique, and many other Spiral Medicine techniques, in my workshops this spring. See the calendar page for details.