Connecting to your Spirit Circle

spirit-circleTrust. Know. Believe. All the words of affirmation remind us that the Compassionate Spirits are all around us, all the time, right behind the veil. Depending on our frame of reference and culture, we recognize this  Guidance by different names.  As I have developed my Shamanic practice, I have come to trust a wide circle of Compassionate Beings. They stand around the circumference of my sacred circle in non-ordinary reality every time I do a healing journey. Each one contributes to the healing in a unique way. Together they impart power that is off the charts!  The collective  power coming through these spirits is so strong, that I have learned to stand aside and hold the space while they do the work, so I don't "fry!". It took me many journeys to meet all these Spirits. On my first journeys I met a Power Animal and then a lower world Spirit Teacher. In my classes people first meet a Power Animal - a very strong guide - and it is not unusual for a beginner to witness miracles when they ask this Power Animal to help a friend.

As we journey and learn, our circle grows. Ancestors, nature beings, faeries, old shamans from diverse cultures, animals of every walk, star beings... the list is infinite.

Have you met your Power Animal? If not - its time! Take our first class for free, and journey to meet your power animal, and the circle of Spirits who are there for you, right behind the veil. SHS-Free-OD