Let the Spirits Lead

The first step in shamanic work is realizing that the Spirits are in charge, and that they will lead  you in your journey's, your intuitive work, and your life. It can be challenging. Spirits talk to us through our imaginations, Some people cant believe their ears. Or their eyes. Or their hearts. It takes courage to say "I believe you!" Some people have been trained as intuitives but do not have a formal relationship with the spirits that are supporting them. They may think of the source as "the universe", or something like that. In shamanic training, our first step is to get a clear understanding of the spirits behind the veil. The ancestors, power animals and compassionate beings who are empowering us directly. The spirits are real. They are tangible and identifiable. They flow from the one, as do we all, but when they connect to us in a shamanic way, we meet them face to face, breath to breath. And then we allow them to lead us on our path.