Spooky guides a Journey

Kathleen asked me to help her with the loss of her sweet dog , Spooky. Spooky sent many powerful images and personal messages, and promised to support Kathleen in her connection to Spirit - and indeed he did. A few days after the session Kathleen sent this note. spooky

Hi Carla -

My heart is soft and happy - thanks again. I feel like the session helped to open my new relationship to Spooky as Spirit Dog. He was always such a protector - my wild knight! I wanted to thank-you again for your service. The experience lightened my grief considerably, and the next day, I feel like I had a 'miraculous' message / healing. I wrote about it, so I wanted to share it with you:  http://www.kathleenivanoff.com/apps/blog

Feel free to share my story - it was a kind of "miracle" for me - nothing I could have expected or even hoped for. Humbled with love and grace. :)

Postcard from Eygpt

Feb 21,2014

spookySpooky is running along the reedy shore of a sun-warmed dream lake with a tribe of wild jackals. I enter through the white heart of his chest. His elegant dog’s body is a portal to the spirits, and I emerge on the inside stillness of time, receptive. Spooky’s black body is now a sharp shadow outside, but inside, a rope of sandalwood beads leads me farther into his wilderness. I am counting drum beats, breath, the fragrant pulses of love. I hear a drumming gallop like a miniature horse. His body is diamond black, sleek, sealskin. A shape-shifting Kelpie. Anubis, the god of Spooky, reignites his soul’s essence and incense rises again from the top of his head. He had this talent in life, before the sufferings of old age, and now this sweetness has returned. From now, we will meet in this wood between the worlds: refined pine forest, black spindles fanning into orange and purple twilight . We will meet again in this would between the words: aligned spine forest, whorled spine cones of light tracking love’s path back and back… more...