Star the Husky - Case Study

Qualified Healer: Barbara Kaufmann Client: Star the Husky

During this journey the dog’s human companion Sandy came with me. We met my teacher at the bottom of a stone staircase where we had to step into a pool of water but it was thick water, the consistency of Mercury that didn’t make us wet.. We had to pour this water over ourselves like a baptism in order to enter the complex .

We came to a room with a healing chamber in the shape of a tetrahedron and we were accompanied by Archangel Gabriel. The chamber had healing lights in rotating colors: white, amethyst, pink and yellow.  Star became transparent and we saw her heart with 4 chambers and 3 of them were empty. Her 3 companions, other canines had died previously within a very short time of each other. The deaths had left 3 of her 4 heart chambers empty. We were asked to help full her heart chambers with love. Her body became transparent and we could see her heart change and become bigger and fuller and shinier.

We were asked to step into the tetrahedron ourselves and we were wrapped in some kind of tape that caused a cocoon-like darkness. We waited in silence in the dark for a healing and blessing. Archangel Gabriel wrapped his wings around us and did a blessing.

We then took a walk along a path in the forest in the full moon. A beam of light from the moon was sent down to “polish” Star, the dog. W e walked along the pines and to the lake where we all had to bathe and briefly submerge. This water was real and warm and sweet.

We were in a sweat lodge for a time and this too, was part of the healing. It was not terribly hot but it had a substance that infused the air and we were told to breathe it in—that it was medicine.

We walked back the path to the end where there was an outcropping of rock. On the largest rock face was an ancient symbol that we were told to place our hands on. We did, and we were transported back here.

This journey was the first time a client came with me, so I take it to be some kind of graduation to another level of work. As I described what I was seeing, doing and feeling, Sandy was getting similar images in her head. She said Star in OR moved around a lot during the journey.  ~Barbara.