Stuie the cat

Qualified Healer: Mary Carter Animal:  Stuie - cat, approximately 2.5-3 years old, orange and white


Problem:  lived on streets for 1.5 years, was with 2 families that abandoned him.

He doesn’t like being an indoor cat, is stressed and has anxiety.  He attacks humans

and has to be separated from 2nd cat in family.  He has known abuse issues.


Intention:  to be more relaxed, accept life now, live in safe family environment and

fit in with family.



Took Stuie and Denise with me to Upper World to my teacher.  We were taken by eagle and hawk. Met Octurian and Grandmother Esme.  First Stuie was put into Grandmother Esme’s arms and he hissed and tried to get away.  She continued to pet his head and back and he calmed down.  He seemed to go to sleep. Arcturian took him and held him up by front arms and started spinning him furiously. I had to tell Denise it didn’t hurt him, it was his spirit body. Octurian said he needed to recalibrate and balance the energy systems in the body.  He was not concerned with soul parts, this was way more basic for his immediate needs.  When he finished spinning, he laid Stuie down on his back (which is the way Denise said he slept).

Octurian held his head from behind.  A funnel type spiral came down from above and spun over his face and head, it then dissipated.  Octurian then moved to the side & then to his feet.  A spirit helper brought him a tool which was long and had a colored tip, not a point.  It was amber/reddish in color. He told me there were many traumas and blockages in Stuie’s body and then showed me visions of him being kicked, thrown, chased, hiding in the dark, possible accident with car, etc.  He indicated head trauma and hip/leg trauma, many types of accidents and hurts and traumas. He called in tribe, tribal leader was an orange cat.  Other tribe members made multiple circles around us.  Octurian took his tool and started at crown and spun clounter-clockwise and moved down the whole body.  All I could see was moving lights inside Stuie’s body. Octurian said he was clearing out debrit and re-setting chakras.  He then started at the crown again, moving clockwise and he stayed at the crown until it was a bright white light and extended far from the body, he then moved down thru the body until all chakras were spinning white discs of light extending far from the body.

They seemed to be humming and in sync. He stepped away and waited and they then slowed and went inside the body. He picked Stuie up and held him up for a while and watched.  He said it needs more work.  The tribal leader came and held his hands on the crown and pulled as if to part the center.  Octuran started spinning the tool again clockwise and the whole like of discs started spinning again. Octurian and the tribal leader asked an emissary to come forth who would assist Stuie with calmness and assist him in staying connected to his guides and his tribe. The emissary would also teach him to purr and help keep his energy system tuned up.

When all of this was done, Stuied started to wake up.  We were told he was given an herb by Grandmother Esme to help him calm and sleep.  He handed Stuie to Denise who held him and Stuie cuddled up to her.  Octurian took him back and he started to purr. We were told the emissary was teaching him to purr, the emissary started the purr and it extended to Stuie.

Denise was told to daily visualize Stuie in a calm state, to see him and picture him as she wanted him to be.  Denise was told that Stuie could read her thoughts and see the mind pictures so she could create what she wanted.

Octurian then offered a gift to both of them. Denise was given a small heart in her left hand. Stuie was given a heart on his chest, over his heart. Denise was told to hold the heart over her heart and feel and see the connection to the heart on Stuie’s chest.  She should feel the heart connection.

Denise was told to monitor Stuie’s behavior and see how he acts.  Octurian feels he needs more work and journeys and that she needs to bring him back for more intense healing.


Denise feedback:  She said when we started to work on chakras, Stuie came into the room and laid 2 ft. from her and was very calm.

I brought Denise and Stuie up with me to the Upper World and Denise could see the light and visualize some of the things that were happening. She said the tool with light at the end was the same color as a Himilayan salt lamp which Stuie seems to like and calms him down.