Summer Fun!

Golly what a summer! I started in North Carolina visiting Sue DeLamater, and training with Jim Masterson in The Masterson Method of Equine Performance Bodywork. I committed to doing the full certification program - all 40 case studies and 7 more days of training, and then prayed I could pull it off! After the workshop I visited dear friends and family, and as my nephews scrambled up the side of a mountain in the Smokies, I sat and journeyed into a gorgeous waterfall.

When I got home I began the case studies. Ladies and gentlemen, bring me your horses.

First of July Dad and I did the Wild West Tour. I started in Glacier with Matt. Fun! Then I dropped him at the Bozeman airport and picked up my Dad for a 2 week wildflower tour. We worked our way  through Wyoming, hitting the swinging hot spots of Yellowstone of course!  I got to see my nephews in a camp rodeo in Dubois WY. These kids are from Michigan and it was so fun to see them swaggering and roping. Then Dad and I wiggled down through Colorado's mountain towns, and landed for a day of fishing on the San Juan river. That 87 year old man fished for 11 hours straight sitting on a boat in the hot sun. I was cooked after 4 hours.

When we got home it was in the 100s, and a great time to do 20+ Masterson Method case studies. I finally figured out how to efficiently write up each one's 3 pages of painstaking detail - Dragon Naturally Speaking. I was actually taking my computer into the horse's stalls and dictating as I went. (Oh look, a yummy keyboard!)I set my goal to have all 40 done by mid August, so that I could attend the final round of training in early September.

Then my summer highlight - The Spiral Retreat in Albany NY. Oh how wonderful that was. Words can't describe the fabulous feeling of being loved and healed by so many spirits at once. I even got to work on 7 more horses there! Knock em dead, Carla, 12 to go.

Upon return I finished them! Complete with a great video shot by none other than the famous Diana Lamb! Look to utube soon for a short edit.

And then Dad and I took a week in the White Mountains of Arizona in little town called Greer. It was peak boletus season and I mushroomed and hiked while Dad fished. On the last day I hiked 14 miles - and climbed 2000 feet. How I am not sure, but I did and it was wonderful.

Now I am wrapping up my new website And I am revising the ASN courses to incorporate so many things I have learned since I developed them 3 years ago. Please - if you haven't taken a shamanic teleclass give it a try. We have such strong connection with spirit and so much fun.

I have developed a new live class, Hands on Healing. The first offering is in Chicago in September through ASN. It will be intimate and wonderful, as the workshops in Chicago always are. I love my friends there so much!

Last spring we launched a live program for The Center for Animal Therapies in Orlando, and I will be returning there in November to teach Hands on Healing.

As I type this it amazes me what we people can do in a short time. Corporate-types know this, what with their busy schedules and deadlines all the time. But as a solo-type I sometimes forget what we can accomplish if we dig in and git er done. Yee Haw!