Supercharge your Hands on Healing

This week I gave several Free classes on Shamanic Hands on  Healing. I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts, and a little video of the class. Touch healing has many forms and degrees. It be as simple as holding someone's hand in a kind way. Adding intention for removing blockages, and putting in good energy makes this even better. Knowledge of the body, (PTs, Massage Therapists, etc) makes touch effective in different ways. Combining these together is the best! And adding a little Reiki or other energy loving is just plain sweet.


Where does Shamanism fit into this broad array? Everywhere! Did you know that these energies are often guided into your hands by a Compassionate Spirit - maybe someone you know, or maybe someone you haven't met?

The Shaman is skilled at being a bridge for these Spirits, and when a Shaman is working hands-on, it is the Spirit's Compassionate Power that is coming through those hands, and the Spirit's voice guiding the Shaman to touch this, move there, do this and do that!

A Shaman can supercharge any modality she knows by engaging the Compassionate Spirits to be in her bones. The Spirits will direct the work and deliver the correct healing energy at just the right time. When a Shaman is completely merged she can step out of the way, letting Spirit work directly through her hands, helping the client in surprising ways!

At SpiritHealer School we teach you the techniques you need to carry Spirits in your bones. Steady training and deep initiations give you the capacity to carry the Spirit's Power, with beauty light and respect. You can supercharge your touch, even if just holding hands!