CAT Dragons

dragon2Yesterday we had our first Dragon workshop in Florida, hosted by Jo Maldonado's CAT. The Dragons came through with so much clarity and power. Three themes wove through the work- remembering the dragon time, and us in that time - creating our future empowered by our personal dragon - dragon powered hands on healing

Some highlights - Some of us experienced the dragons in ways that evoked the fantasy images we find in media today. Some people got images that were more like upper world light shows. It was different for everyone, and I am beginning to see how middle world beings like dragons take forms that are combined from their core power and our collective idea of them.

Hands on healing with Dragons is a different experience for me from working with my other upper and lower world teachers. There is a craft to it, part magic, part skill, that is exciting and tangible. It feels like a gateway to a completely new dimension of work.

I feel as though a book has been opened, with some written parts, and lots of blank spaces for us to fill in. And here we go! We will create this manual for Dragon Shamanism together, bring these creators to life in our world for healing and love.

We are having two retreats this year focused on Dragons. Bumblebee in early April, and Lake Seed GA in July. I am going to be redeveloping the agendas now after this day in Florida. The Dragons have LIVING BREATH, and I must speak their words fresh now. It is such a joy. Such a gift, Such a delight.

Welcome home dear Dragons. May our partnership be heavenly.


Orlando Hands on Healing was a WOW!


Jo Maldonado of CAT in Orlando recently hosted me for a very special weekend.

We began on Friday with a healing ceremony for the CARE foundation, a wild animal sanctuary. My plan was to have the circle do power animal retrievals for the residents, but when I did my “prejourney” I learned that an important resident cat wanted us to do things differently. He wanted to be the shaman, bringing through healing power to the land and to the woman who is in charge, Christin. When I arrived Friday I met him - Bolshoi the Tiger - CAREs longest standing big cat resident. Fabulous!

Our journeys combined my intention and his. Each person in the circle communicated with a resident animal, connected that animal to his or her spirit tribe, and then asked the animal and the tribe to bring healing through to the land and to Christin. She said it was incredibly beautiful, uplifting and healing. I was amazed because we were up against some tough conditions -  there was a TRACTOR PULL going full volume right next door. The drum drowned it out, and we did great work!

Orlando Spiral

The Hands on Healing workshop on Sat and Sunday was extra special. The location had art, water, nature and gentle spirits everywhere. We set up a triple spiral using Spanish moss and set shields in the centers to hold the power. The ancient spirits who make this all possible came in great force, including the Mongolians. Everyone has a story to tell - we had lots of powerful personal healing.

We learned to use our hands for healing, combining shamanic techniques with energy healing and light touch. It was an interwoven process of journey visioning, merging with our spirit teachers, and connecting it all to our partner using our hands. We learned to bring it through our drums and rattle for a bang-up powerful transfiguration. It was so much fun!

Making shields of the spirits has become an integral part of this process. First we journey to the spirits who have come to join us, and ask to see if someone wants guide our hands as we create them. Then we play! And when are done we journey into the shields to see what the source of their power really is. All of it is amazingly fun and creative. The shields bring the Spirits into form, and they are very sacred. My sacred working space in my home is a gallery of them now. So sweet, so juicy!

The Spirits who empower these workshops are ancient and strong. They may well be the "ancestors" that people are referring to lately, as we approach the end of the Mayan calendar etc, etc. I don't know, but I do know that I always get profound initiations when I participate in the ceremony, and that people get "miracle level" healings. I just have to keep doing it, keep hosting ceremony, keep dancing and keep working!  Next post I will share with you a journey that Mary Carter had recently. She did the Hands on Healing and Spiral work in Albany this summer, and she is now being visited by these Big Spirits and getting some Big Teachings!

Throughout the workshop we were blessed with a huge flock of crows and other black birds who sang songs to use through the weekend, and protected our space. And when we were done, they floated away. Farewell dear friends!

Jo’s husband, Henry made a video of parts of the workshop. I am looking forward to seeing is as soon as he is done editing. Meanwhile, here is a slide show of the pictures we took.