Amber Keeps her Word

Amber Keeps her Word

This is the story of a brilliant cat named Carlita, who captured the hearts of Kathryn and Eric. And it is a testimony to our incredible Spirit Guide Amber, who shares her compassionate healing and guidance  with so many cats and humans. The Brilliant cats are Spirit Messengers; they walk into our lives with a cosmic force that completely opens our heart. May her story warm your heart, and Thank You Amber for your wonderful love.  

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Gardening for my Family

Gardening for my Family

My friend Jo lost her son this month to Heroin. Today we talked about the suffering we experience as the caregiver left behind. And then I saw this post from 2015, when my life centered around caring for my Dad. I am republishing it today, because it shares an intimate time, and Shamanic Soul Gardening got me through.

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What is Shamanism? Jark gets a Healing.

What is Shamanism? Jark gets a Healing.

Episode 1: What is Shamanism? Jark gets a healing. 

The first show was Tuesday Jan 17, 2017.  I talked about shamanic healing for animals  -  and what shamanism is. And I did a mini communication session for my little horse herd. Turns out Jark needs a soul retrieval - so I got started on the work, live on the show. 


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The New Modern Medicine Wheel

The New Modern Medicine Wheel

Guest blog by Barbara Kaufman. Native peoples realized that nature has no straight lines. Nature expresses herself in circular patterns from the robin’s egg to the moon; nature is cycles and seasons where all things come round. Even life is cyclic with birth, death and rebirth. The circle or wheel represents the great everything or the Universe.

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Where the two swords cross

5dfe6d7a7c0e74b7bf3f28ff9fd8776eWhen we are working with Spirits, they often initiate a big teaching by giving us a small but very important  key. The Spirits said to me yesterday that when I am doing hands on work, I need to find the place in the body where the two swords cross. The showed me two swords, crossed, and then showed me where they were in my clients body.  I put my hands there, and along the lines of the swords, and got a lot of good releases from her. But I wasn't sure what was under my hands, or why. I was only lightly journeying as i was doing the work, so I didn't try to get a bigger story from the spirits. I just accepted that this was the sweet spot, and for that session it was good enough.
The place where the two swords cross. Isn't that fascinating? First off this refers to the criss crossing of the anatomy trains, the connective tissue lines of energy and action that allow the ankle bone to be connected to the shin bone, the shin bone connected to the knee bone, etc. We also know that body balances diagonally, so a sore left shoulder makes for a sore right hip. That explains one of the swords. But what about the other? Is it a second restriction pattern? Or emotional? Historical? Intrusion? All of the above? The other thing to consider here is the location of the crossing. Is it in the thorax? The lumbar, or where? And why swords? It could be chop sticks or flag poles, but no, it is swords, and that matters too.
Something tells me that as I work with this, amazing wisdom will come forward. I am fascinated by the wavy surface between spirit and form. Maybe by journeying into the place where the two swords cross I will will learn an all new level of shamanism! I'll keep you informed!

Healing a young girl's cancer

Brenda called together a circle of shamanic healers to seek a miracle healing for a young girl from cancer. ( Makayla is Jody's 3 year old Granddaughter who was diagnosed with cancer last June...) It worked! Thank you spirits and all who participated in the prayer and Healing Ceremony This is a HUGE Thank you to my Girlfriends who share the energy and spirit gift with me. There should be more included in this email, but I don't have their email addresses: Tara, Connie and Kyle. If I did wrong by including you in what you are about to read, I apologize. But when I need help from my friends, it's you guys I call upon!

I was having a conversation with my friend Jody a couple of weeks ago. I was struggling with my life and the needs of everyone else in my life that I love and was wondering how there could be enough to go around. She said to visualize all my good friends together. After this conversations with Jody, I found a good seat on a curb on the grounds where I work overlooking a beautiful ravine as the fall colors were coming in to full bloom. Jody said gather your friends together, so I began gathering my friends together. I began visualizing all of us in a circle . . . I wasn't quite sure what I was going to ask for once I got you all there, but since I'd been having trouble visualizing for months, I figured I had time to work on that . . . the challenge was getting you all there! Then I got you there, but couldn't connect us together. OK, so I got frustrated!

I talked to Jody again earlier this week and found out that the next day Makayla was going to be given the final prognosis of the tumor in her arm. For those who may be confused right now, Makayla is Jody's 3 year old Granddaughter who was diagnosed with cancer last June and I solicited you all to joing her Facebook Page to Pay it Forward for Makayla! So after talking to Jody, I re-charged all the stones in Makayla's prayer grid . . . and went to relax so I could begin concentrating on bringing all of us together. On this night, I knew Makayla needed the prayers and the energy, but I knew Billy did too, so I put him in the middle of the circle with Makayla . . . what could it hurt, right? I concentrated so hard my head hurt. I concentrated so hard with energy and all the Reiki Linda taught me . . . that the energy got so hot . . . so hot Scandal and Tucker had to leave the room! Everyone came together . . . the circle was formed . . . we all held hands and together we danced, we prayed, we gave Thanks and most importantly, we had hope! From myself clockwise . . . it was Me, Carla, Stacy (and Sam), Tara, Kylie, Mel, Fran, Kelly, Jody, Linda, and Connie. 11 Beautiful women held hands together. Billy and Makayla played and laughed in the middle. You all don't know each other, but you are connected to me. This circle of women danced and prayed. We Prayed for healing, prosperity, love and friendship.

I woke up the next morning so dang tired I could hardly think. Jody called me on my way home from work that next day. Makayala's tumor was pronounced 'Dead in the Body'! No surgery is necessary. There was no sign of cancer in her lymph nodes and the tumor that was in her arm no longer carried any life to it! That's what I needed to hear that day. That the power of prayer and good energy can still produce miracles!!

So, I had to share this with you because it's another frame of reference for the power of prayer, good energy, spirit and most importantly . . LOVE! I know that I would not be who I am today if it weren't for YOU! I chose YOU to be in this circle to help me with my struggles. We are just one small circle of friends, but obviously a pretty mighty one! So I just wanted to say thank you.

In Love and Light! Brenda

Socrates Case Study - Cancer no longer evident

The doctor told me "Whatever you are doing, keep doing it because it's working".

History: Socrates - A mini schnauzer white, 12 lbs, 5 years old. Lost a lot of weight from Lymphoma. Diagnosed end of June. Liver, Spleen Gastro tract, chest, generates fluids. On prednisone. Did two sessions of chemo - but was so sick. Forget it! Raw food with salmon and steamed Veggies.  Lost weight, but he is happy!

Dear Carla:  I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to give you an update on Socrates. I took him to his oncologist on Thursday and he was speechless. Just by looking at him and doctor was all smiles and told me that he looked healthy and great. He told me that if I had brought him into his office for the first time and told him Socrates had lymphoma, he would've not believed me. But he knew what Socrates had because he had diagnosed him. He said he had no explanation, but that maybe those two chemo sessions were more than enough for him. I was thinking more in the lines of miracle, energy work, love and change of diet. :)  Then he took him to do an ultra sound and blood work to check how he was doing in the inside. There are no tumors. Everything is gone. He was filled with tumors on his abdomen and now it's back to normal. He said he only had a lymph node in his chest that was a bit larger than usual, but he was not concerned. The doctor was all smiles and could not believe how healthy Socrates was. My eyes were teary as it was the best news I had received concerning his health. He said he wanted to continue keeping an eye on him, and to  bring him in the next two months, in case this comes back.

The doctor told me "Whatever you are doing, keep doing it because it's working".

I wanted to thank you for your healing energy. I remember the night of the session he was playing with his toy while you were working on me, but as soon as you said "Bring Socrates forward" he left the toy on the side and laid his head on the carpet, and there he stayed until you finished. I will continue to love and care for Socrates as usual so this doesn't come back.

Thanks again!!! Carola

Describing a healing journey

Each person who does Spiritual and energetic connecting and healing has a way of thinking about the work that allows them to makes sense of the work in their own minds, and  explain the work to others. I don't feel compelled to explain my experiences an a "rational" way, or in pseudoscientific language,  just to make them valid. Results alone will serve. My trust in the Spirits is my bedrock, and is pretty darn constant. But my likely story continues to unfold. It allows me to teach, to share healing work, and to explore new layers of the shamanic mysteries. But it remains just that - a poem that is rewritten everyday - with each new journey, with each new connection, with each rising sun.

As a Shaman, I do what I do and it is powerful and it helps many animals and many people. I trust my Spiritual team to be there for my customers. And they are.  The spirits I work with are comprehensive and they work with every possible aspect of an issue - but they do this on a Spiritual level. So they information I convey is metaphorical - yet it reaches right into the core. The healing power is direct and immediate. I will leave you with one or more Compassionate Spirits connected to you and your animal. They will  help guide you to the next steps.  These steps can be all sorts of things: diet, activity, attitude, energetic and/or allopathic medicine. We will ask them to make the path easy for you to see and follow. How they do this is unique to each person. Just like our likely stories that we use to explain this fabulous phenomena.

Jackie - Case Study from Healing Clinic

Jackie was accidentally let out of the house by a cable guy that entered her home…it frightened her and she ran out and ran away. She was found 2 days later and taken to at shelter where Katie was able to retrieve her. Ever since then she has acted very scared of everything. Animal: Jackie 2.5 year old toy poodle

Healing Clinic Date: August 29, 2011

Qualified Healer: Claudia Kroll


Shamanic Healing: Spirits did a power animal retrieval with 2 power animals; desert tortus and eagle.  Jackie continued to indicate her fears. Next spirits sent me on a soul retrieval with my power animal. Spirit reinfused all soul parts back into Jackie. Spirit requested I talk to Katie, the guardian and offered healing to her. She accepted verbally in OR and my power animal deer brought her to the healing circle. Spirit then sent me to the Crystal Cave for Emerald and Garnet. There I was also given a rose quartz for my pocket. I brought everything back and the emerald and garnet was infused into first Jackie then Katie. I was told to give Katie the rose quarts into her hand to keep, When I took it out of my pocket it was polished smooth and in the shape of a heart. I then witnessed my spirit teacher surround Jackie and Katie with sacred smoke to seal in the healing power.

Outcome/Feedback: I would like to thank Claudia for the healing of Jackie on Monday's Shamanic Animal Clinic. She did a healing on my dog Jackie. Jackie was 11 months old when she ran away. She was gone for 2 days. When she was returned she was a dog that was afraid of almost every thing. Claudia did a healing on Jackie which included giving her her power animals which she can call on when she is fearful. Also, she gave her two stones (emerald & garnet) which she can also use for protection. Jackie is a happier dog now. You can see it in her energy and how she interacts. Thank you to Claudia for the fantastic healing.

Orlando Hands on Healing was a WOW!


Jo Maldonado of CAT in Orlando recently hosted me for a very special weekend.

We began on Friday with a healing ceremony for the CARE foundation, a wild animal sanctuary. My plan was to have the circle do power animal retrievals for the residents, but when I did my “prejourney” I learned that an important resident cat wanted us to do things differently. He wanted to be the shaman, bringing through healing power to the land and to the woman who is in charge, Christin. When I arrived Friday I met him - Bolshoi the Tiger - CAREs longest standing big cat resident. Fabulous!

Our journeys combined my intention and his. Each person in the circle communicated with a resident animal, connected that animal to his or her spirit tribe, and then asked the animal and the tribe to bring healing through to the land and to Christin. She said it was incredibly beautiful, uplifting and healing. I was amazed because we were up against some tough conditions -  there was a TRACTOR PULL going full volume right next door. The drum drowned it out, and we did great work!

Orlando Spiral

The Hands on Healing workshop on Sat and Sunday was extra special. The location had art, water, nature and gentle spirits everywhere. We set up a triple spiral using Spanish moss and set shields in the centers to hold the power. The ancient spirits who make this all possible came in great force, including the Mongolians. Everyone has a story to tell - we had lots of powerful personal healing.

We learned to use our hands for healing, combining shamanic techniques with energy healing and light touch. It was an interwoven process of journey visioning, merging with our spirit teachers, and connecting it all to our partner using our hands. We learned to bring it through our drums and rattle for a bang-up powerful transfiguration. It was so much fun!

Making shields of the spirits has become an integral part of this process. First we journey to the spirits who have come to join us, and ask to see if someone wants guide our hands as we create them. Then we play! And when are done we journey into the shields to see what the source of their power really is. All of it is amazingly fun and creative. The shields bring the Spirits into form, and they are very sacred. My sacred working space in my home is a gallery of them now. So sweet, so juicy!

The Spirits who empower these workshops are ancient and strong. They may well be the "ancestors" that people are referring to lately, as we approach the end of the Mayan calendar etc, etc. I don't know, but I do know that I always get profound initiations when I participate in the ceremony, and that people get "miracle level" healings. I just have to keep doing it, keep hosting ceremony, keep dancing and keep working!  Next post I will share with you a journey that Mary Carter had recently. She did the Hands on Healing and Spiral work in Albany this summer, and she is now being visited by these Big Spirits and getting some Big Teachings!

Throughout the workshop we were blessed with a huge flock of crows and other black birds who sang songs to use through the weekend, and protected our space. And when we were done, they floated away. Farewell dear friends!

Jo’s husband, Henry made a video of parts of the workshop. I am looking forward to seeing is as soon as he is done editing. Meanwhile, here is a slide show of the pictures we took.

Spirals: energetic healing's unified field theory

Spirals are ancient images and I believe they are the image of creation. That power, that motion is the force that brings us life itself, and all our renewal. It is the earth's magnetic field. It is the shape of DNA. It is the pattern of organic growth. It is the unfolding of the universe from a birth star. So many healers use them in vortexes and many other forms; these spirals are universal, and they must come from the same concept and source. Spiral work is the closest thing we have to a unified field theory in energetic/spiritual healing. Many times when I do a basic shamanic healing for a client the spirits use spirals in simple, but distinct and consistent ways. There are certain patterns and colors the spirits use, such as tornado vortexes that look like snow, and spiraling streams of blue light. I have not shared these images with my students as teachings. The only people who know what I am doing are my clients who have experienced the work. (I speak everything out loud so people know what is happening in non ordinary reality while I work.) I am currently teaching a level 2 class in shamanic healing, and in the first session we were asking the spirits to show each person a simple healing so that they would have some initial ideas about the work that is to come. One student was shown the same spiral techniques the spirits use in my sessions - right down to the colors. We shamanic healers are blessed to be the conduits of the spirits wisdom and power. I love that we have cohesive experiences, without any prompting. We just sit in the same circle, ordinary and non ordinary.

I am hoping to see a website built to showcase all our experiences with spirals in shamanic healing. I won't be creating it, but I think I know who will :-) More to come....

Sallie Rallies On

Sallie Rallies For Love

NC was worried about Sally, an older dog who was having difficulties. Sally barely got around, walked stiffly, and needed help getting into the car. Also, she has been experiencing some skin problems and food allergies. NC would like to find out how she is feeling. What can be done to make her happy and more comfortable? What does she think about dying, is she scared? NC asks: “Do I need to think of having her put down yet or does she still have a lot of life left?”

Carla’s journey for Sallie:

“I took her on a trip to the upper world where she saw the place she would go and met the dogs she will be with. She was THRILLED and hardly wanted to come back. But she really wants to be with you for more time, so she came home. When her time finally comes the lead dog spirit will come to her with a special crystal collar and ask her to come with him. She will tell you by not wanting to get up at all, nor eat. She will look at you with loving eyes, just to say she loves you. You will know the time is right. She may actually just pass in her sleep. She loves you very much. Sally is in a good place emotionally and will let you know when it is time for her to go – so you can have a lot of comfort in that. When you feel it is time – IT IS!”

NC is happy when Sallie rallies:

“I just wanted to let you know Sally is doing great. She has a lot more energy and gets excited about going for our morning walks again. She is eating good and her quality of life has really improved. I am sure it is a combination of no longer fearing death, her new diet, and perhaps just knowing how much we love her.

It is we who are honored by your help. We will always be grateful!”

Earth Spirits Heal Pellie

Earth Spirits Heal Pellie

LF was concerned about her 5 year old English Mastiff, recently diagnosed with a neurological disorder of his spine, making him wobbly on his back end and causing his legs to fall out from under him.

Carla’s healing journey:

“We did a lot of healing work! The spirits put him in a muddy bog and the spirit of the earth extracted the illness from him. A beautiful cloud spirit cried on him, and her healing tears flowed through his body. The spirit of a bushy willow plant merged with him and will be a power spirit for him. The roots will cleanse the illness from him, and the leaves will gather the healing power of the sun. It was INCREDIBLE to watch these loving spirits fill him with their power.”

The spirits also gave Carla detailed directions for diet and herbs to be given to Pellie.

LF responds: “Thank you, it is a wonderful reading. We will be doing all that you recommend……Wanted you to know that he was 100% himself on Sunday and we were so glad. He even played with his toys……I just listened to the tape and let me tell you, it was a beautiful and deeply moving experience. I understand what to do and how committed you are to my Pellie and all life.”

Was it a miracle?

I wanted to share an experience and thank the spirits heartily for their help! A sweet middle aged kitty named Baci went to the vet for stomach pain, and the vet did x-Rays. She found a large alarming tumor on the kitty's lung. My friend Luce, who baby sits the kitty, asked me to have a look and do healing. Luce also asked for prayer circles and other healing groups to help. It takes a team! My teacher Amber said that she felt it was not serious, and she did extraction and healing. She said to expect them to find it is a cyst, and that draining it would be all it needs. (I am always very careful to not give medical diagnosis, so I of course gave a my disclaimers as I told Luce what I was receiving.) Blessings abound - here is what Luce reported a few days later:

Hello Carla, Mother and son are doing great..... Resa (the kitty's "mom") was besides herself with joy, gratitude and relief. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times. The Vet was flabbergasted. She had run a series of x-rays last week, all showing the same thing. Yesterday, .... not a trace. You may remember that I had debated about telling Resa about the specifics of the Shamanic session. Yesterday morning, before she went to the Vet, I called her telling her of your work on Baci's and her behalf and told her that, at worst, it was a cyst that would be drained with no further consequence. She told me that for the past few days, unbeknownst to me, she had told herself that it was only a cyst and everything would be fine. I received the CD in the mail and I will pass it on to Resa, I told her she would be blown away (in a good way) by the comments about their very unique heart connection. Now, I know why you said "how appropriate" when you pulled the amulet for Baci. I am sure Resa will treasure it. Again, all my deep and heartfelt thank yous to you, Amber, and all the other Power Beings that contributed their presence and work but remained in the periphery so as to not alarm Baci.

Shamanic Exploration

carla personShamanism is as old as mankind. It is a way of walking, hearing, seeing and being that connects us to the world beneath the world, the spirit that is inside, outside, enmeshed in and parallel to the ordinary world we perceive every day. We begin a shamanic path by studying the ancient pathways that connect the worlds and teach us to work with spirit. Thanks to Micheal Harner and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, these old worn paths, overgrown by modern culture, are being steadily cleared. Every day they grow more visible to us and are now fairly easy to follow.

Modern shamanic teachers take people first along the wide and clearly marked paths to teach them to journey. Think of the first few miles of a major trail right after the tail head. It is like a super highway and is populated by people of all types. Further into the forest the trails diverge and become less traveled, more rugged, and more adventuresome. Today's shamanic teachers have cleared these paths for you into the specific areas of their interest: Celtic Shamanism, Shape Shifting, White Table, Animal Healing, Soul Retrieval, and so many more fascinating arenas.

I have opened paths that are about healing our Animal Partners (dogs, cats, horses etc) using shamanic methods. In my trainings I apply common shamanic techniques to animal clients. But I do so in a way that is unique to the trails I have uncovered. Over the course of 10 years of concentrated journey work and attention I have been taught a way of working shamanically that is very powerful, and is especially beneficial for working with animals and their people. I teach this method through telelclasses with the Animal Spirit Network, and through workshops worldwide and private trainings.

I am not sure exactly what cultural traditions I am following when I do my work. I am not much of a scholar. I am an explorer. I ask the spirits to show me how to achieve big results. I ask them to explain the cosmology of the world to me empirically: through shamanic journey experiences, results in my clients, and parallel experiences in my students. The results are profound for me and for my students. (By the way I enjoy taking workshops and connecting with other shamanic teachers. It is so exciting to learn the paths they have been shown, and to see if and how they overlap with the ones I am following.)

Here are the themes of the shamanic exploration I am embarking on today:

Sacred Mask Logo

Spirals and the Nexus of Creation: At the center of the spiral is a place of brilliance. The place of creation itself. A client in that spiral can experience a transfiguration that explodes away the old and rebirths in pure divinity. The secret is in the preparation and the ceremony. I have two workshops that explore this : Healing in the Spiral of Time and Sacred Animal Masks. Sacred Animal Masks is offered in Phoenix and Chicago Spring 2008.

The Power of Ecosystems: This started with my desire to communicate with reef life (all the critters, not just whales and dolphins). Communicating with reef life opened up a new revelation for me in the power of using ecosystems as healers for clients and for the earth herself. As a result I see the earth totally differently today than I did even a year ago. I am currently exploring ecosystem work with my advanced private students. I will be birthing it in a week long workshop on private Caribbean sailing boat cruise in 2009. (Yes, we will swim with Dophins!)

Animal Tribes: Domestic Animals are very dependent upon their connection to their spirit tribes. The spirits tribes facilitate the death and dying process. They bring super powerful healing power. They give the animal a point of reference in the world. They hold any soul parts that were not fully committed to the body at birth. The tribal stories are the animal's mythology, critical to the animal's self concept. I am forever exploring these tribal connections and teaching about them in my trainings. There is more to this story too (there always is). Our power is a function of our connection to our tribes. Our tribes are our loved ones here on earth, our ancestors, spirit family, power animals and their tribes. We will be connecting to our Power Animal's tribe in the Mask workshop - see the page links!

Please browse to learn more about me, and to find out about studying with me.

My trainings are guidances. Your teachers are the spirits. Together we explore paths that are well worn, but over grown, and we rebirth that knowledge for the whole world!

In Spirit and Love - Carla