Amber Keeps her Word

Amber Keeps her Word

This is the story of a brilliant cat named Carlita, who captured the hearts of Kathryn and Eric. And it is a testimony to our incredible Spirit Guide Amber, who shares her compassionate healing and guidance  with so many cats and humans. The Brilliant cats are Spirit Messengers; they walk into our lives with a cosmic force that completely opens our heart. May her story warm your heart, and Thank You Amber for your wonderful love.  

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Healing Spiritual Intrusions

Healing Spiritual Intrusions

Podcast Episode 11: Healing Spiritual Intrusions

Intrusions are the spiritual aspects of illness, energetic trouble that needs to be removed and transmuted. Shamanic healers do this working with their Spirit Allies. They extract the intrusions, transmute them, and bring in healing power to fill the void and promote full recovery. Carla explains intrusions and demonstrates a healing for a caller.

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What is Shamanism? Jark gets a Healing.

What is Shamanism? Jark gets a Healing.

Episode 1: What is Shamanism? Jark gets a healing. 

The first show was Tuesday Jan 17, 2017.  I talked about shamanic healing for animals  -  and what shamanism is. And I did a mini communication session for my little horse herd. Turns out Jark needs a soul retrieval - so I got started on the work, live on the show. 


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Amara's Miracle Healing

From Monique: Amara's Miracle.

Amàra is a sweet kitty who is incredibly connected to Spirit, a true teacher! Last year something really terrible happened: she was severely tortured and came home trailing her hind legs. She had burns on her face, all along her back and tail. Her legs had apparently been tied and were without circulation for so long that they lost "life". The vet was shocked and thought we should put her to sleep but we agreed on asking for a second opinion the next day. Unfortunately Amara was so shocked, hurting and I was so desperate that I wasn't really giving her the support she needed, so she decided to leave home that night (I was on the floor next to her, but at 4am I fell asleep and she took off).

I paniced ! Thinking of my furbaby, with all those open wounds outside in the rain... I just couldn't bear it. I looked for her for 28 days, walking around the neighborhood calling out her name. I was exausted... but that was the right time to hear the true words of a special friend who said: please hold her in a place of peace and love. If she feels you are desperate, it will not help her. How right she was, yet how difficult it was. But, nevertheless it felt so true and I was able to change attitude. During all the time she was away, I had many people around the world sending healing and love to her. Some said that she probably went off to die, like animals do, and because I really didn't want her suffering, I was ready to let go. I would talk to her and tell her that if she was in Spirit I needed a sign to know that she was alright. No signs. Animal communicators tried to make contact with her, but they couldn't figure out if she was still alive. One of my friends told me that she knew that her cat that had passed, was watching over her. I realized how, during a moment of need, I was surrounded with open hearted people ready to give a hand (most of them didn't even know me!). How lucky I was! After hearing about shamanic animal communication, I decided to give that a try too. This is how I met Carla. She did a shamanic journey and asked Spirit to tell Amara to let me know that she was ok. The next day .... Amara came home! The look in her eyes had completely changed! She went straight into the kitchen and after a good meal she "demanded" cuddles for 2 days non stop! Her wounds were much better and nobody could believe the healing that had occured. The "open" wound along all of her back had healed and the scar was nearly invisible. How could that be? No stitches, no vets, no medicines.... ahhhh.. but Spirit was at work! Unfortunately her hind legs were still very bad (they had "died" half way up") and she had lost her tail. How on earth did she walk home, I thought? I called Carla to let her know that Amara had come home and she did a healing journey for her. It was amazing...during the journey, Amàra asked if all of her friends that had had similar wounds, which she met during that time, could be healed too. This shows how big her heart is!! Carla and her Spirits had a major healing session to do! Carla told me that she would be able to use her legs again, not like before, but she would adapt. Amara even forgave the people that did it. Carla also said that during the month that she was away, Amara was not alone. There was a "tiger cat" taking care of her. (It turned out that my friend's cat, who was supposed to be watching over Amara, had a nickname and it was: Tiger cat! ). The Spirits performed an incredible healing and I could see Amara heal day by day. How amazing! Amara was out in the woods for one month (and it rained for the whole time!) with incredible wounds, traumatized, no food ... and was able to heal with Spirit's help! I'm also sure that it was Spirit that led me to find Carla!

When the vet saw her, he thought that the only solution was to amputate both her hind legs. How could I decide to do something like that? So I told Amàra that she was to decide and that I would accept any choice she made. I trusted that Spirit would keep on "leading the way". A decision had to be made quickly... I looked at Amara's legs once again and I knew that the part that was dead couldn't get better. In fact on one leg, the end part was nearly falling off... What could I do? Knowing that I was guided by Spirit, I decided to go to another vet, who is famous for operations and ask him to perform the amputation that was needed. I told Amara about the operation but I got the feeling that she wasn't listening at all! So I told her the story again and again. (I'm sure she was thinking: why is she telling me the same thing over and over again???). On the way to the vet, I was still feeling so calm, unbelievably! Amara slept during the whole journey...and she usually cries her head off if I take her someplace in the car! The vet could not believe that she ran away for a month and that all the healing that occured was because of her. Then he looked at her legs and said: I can't do it, I'm sorry... I was starting to panic... but then he went on and said: This might shock you and I have never said anything like this before, but I feel I have to tell you that Mother Nature is doing a better job than I could ever do! My vet was talking about Mother Nature? How was that possible...not from him...the world renowned vet for his operations? My very conventional italian vet? He kept apologizing for saying such a "strange thing" (he said)! But he didn't know that the words he said meant so much more: another miracle! So he added that because of the way Amara was able to heal, he would let her finish off her great work and we could go home. (hey... and without a medicine either!!) What a miracle! So incredible and so inspiring! Now I know why I got the card with "Miraculous healing" when I picked a card for Amara:))

Amara has now healed and when on the carpet, she can walk on all fours. The hind legs are shorter that the front ones but she still does what she wants. We go on walks in the woods together and instead of jumping like cats do... she climbs with her front legs and pulls herself up! When she goes outside and the ground is hard, she lifts her hind legs and walks on her front legs! She's amazing. But the best part is her attitude. Not for one day have I felt that she is feeling sorry for herself. She lives life as it comes to her and with such a positive attitude. Talking about truly living in the now! What a teacher! Can you imagine how a human would have probably dealt with something like this? She's just a wise and happy soul... enjoying what life gives her everyday. We have so much to learn.... and I'm so grateful she is in my life! She is a living miracle, teaching us about the power of living in the now and the power of forgiveness...

Now we know how shamanic work is so important... and how it reconnects us back to Nature and Spirit... the place where animals live in everyday:)

All my love,


Telecall Journey Circle

Wouldn't it be great to have a circle over the phone where we simply get together to journey and support each other on the path of shamanic learning? Let's do it! Please join us on the second Monday of each month for an 1 to 1.5 hour call were we will commune with friends, journey to the spirits, and celebrate our connection. The call will meet at 6:30 Mountain time. The format will be:

  • Open circle by calling in the spirits
  • Do a quick introduction and check in around the circle
  • Journey on a topic as a group (or if an individual person prefers he/she may use the time for a personal journey)
  • Share the journeys we did (for those who choose to share). We may break into smaller groups to do this if the circle is large.
  • Close circle

This is a chance to journey in a powerful, supportive circle. The circle of spirits helps keep us focused and gives juice to the experience. Please joins us, and please tell your friends about it!

The calls are on the SECOND MONDAY of each month. We are asking a $5.00 fee per call, however, if that is out of your budget you may join the call for free. (I realize that in hard times some of us are having a trouble scraping together even that little bit of cash!) You will have to pay for the call to the bridge line. To join the next call, click the link below to Pay Pal. After you pay you will be given an auto responder email with phone numbers and logistic for the next call. If you want to join and can't pay, email and we will send you the logistics letter. Click here to register for the next call.

End of life perspective

I just talked with a cat who died last week. This cat said that the body is amazingly tenacious. She was commenting on the pain and suffering that we so often have to go through at the end. She said, "Well what do you expect? To have a body that will stay strong through all of the attacks and tempests life brings means that it will be strong in trying to stay alive at the end. It is the price we pay. Fortunately after you finally die it is easy to forget the pain and just relax again. EVERYONE has to go through it. It is part of the deal of being born. Oh well!" She never expected euthanasia and couldn't imagine blaming her person for not having a Doc at hand at 3:00 AM.

She was pretty philosophical. Her last hours were rough, according to her person. It was an interesting lesson!

Overcoming the I Cant's when you are learning to journey

If you are having trouble getting started in your shamanic journey work because your mind wanders, or you have thoughts that you can't do the work - here is something to try: Set up a basket, jar or container in your room, and you put all your reservations and disbelief into it before you begin journeying. You can get it back later when you are done, or you can ask the spirits to transfigure them. Sometimes our I can'ts come from a belief system that is in conflict with the work. The person might need to think it all through and find a common ground, but the belief system is really so subliminal that it is hard to put a finger on it. So this basket method can help, because you may really WANT to take the things back and work with them later. I have met many beginning students who feel that their catholic upbringing sets them at odds with shamanic practice, and they struggle to get started because of these inner conflicts. But there is a Sister in Flagstaff who teaches shamanism from a catholic perspective, and it is fabulous work. So maybe we just need to set aside our I can'ts and belief systems, and just concentrate on phenomena, and let the thinking part come later.

Sallie Rallies On

Sallie Rallies For Love

NC was worried about Sally, an older dog who was having difficulties. Sally barely got around, walked stiffly, and needed help getting into the car. Also, she has been experiencing some skin problems and food allergies. NC would like to find out how she is feeling. What can be done to make her happy and more comfortable? What does she think about dying, is she scared? NC asks: “Do I need to think of having her put down yet or does she still have a lot of life left?”

Carla’s journey for Sallie:

“I took her on a trip to the upper world where she saw the place she would go and met the dogs she will be with. She was THRILLED and hardly wanted to come back. But she really wants to be with you for more time, so she came home. When her time finally comes the lead dog spirit will come to her with a special crystal collar and ask her to come with him. She will tell you by not wanting to get up at all, nor eat. She will look at you with loving eyes, just to say she loves you. You will know the time is right. She may actually just pass in her sleep. She loves you very much. Sally is in a good place emotionally and will let you know when it is time for her to go – so you can have a lot of comfort in that. When you feel it is time – IT IS!”

NC is happy when Sallie rallies:

“I just wanted to let you know Sally is doing great. She has a lot more energy and gets excited about going for our morning walks again. She is eating good and her quality of life has really improved. I am sure it is a combination of no longer fearing death, her new diet, and perhaps just knowing how much we love her.

It is we who are honored by your help. We will always be grateful!”

Lucky Says Good-bye

Lucky Says Good-bye

MB lost her wonderful old Doberman, Lucky. Lucky had been in a lot of pain and cried all night as he slept in MB’s arms.

Carla did a healing journey for Lucky just before he passed over. The connection between MB and Lucky is very deep.

After Lucky passed, MB wrote of her experience while Carla was actually journeying:

“I finally got to listen to the first tape. I didn’t get to hear it until two days after Lucky died. It was amazing! Remember that Lucky had come and barked and barked at me and that later you and I figured out that it was at the time you were making the journey (unbeknownst to me). Well on the tape, just after you start, there is a place where you say you can feel my touch and the love -oh the love– Well, when he barked at me I didn’t know what to do so I sat on the couch with him, with my arms around him and was telling him how much I loved him. Thank you for being here for me. You have helped me more than you will ever know.”

Earth Spirits Heal Pellie

Earth Spirits Heal Pellie

LF was concerned about her 5 year old English Mastiff, recently diagnosed with a neurological disorder of his spine, making him wobbly on his back end and causing his legs to fall out from under him.

Carla’s healing journey:

“We did a lot of healing work! The spirits put him in a muddy bog and the spirit of the earth extracted the illness from him. A beautiful cloud spirit cried on him, and her healing tears flowed through his body. The spirit of a bushy willow plant merged with him and will be a power spirit for him. The roots will cleanse the illness from him, and the leaves will gather the healing power of the sun. It was INCREDIBLE to watch these loving spirits fill him with their power.”

The spirits also gave Carla detailed directions for diet and herbs to be given to Pellie.

LF responds: “Thank you, it is a wonderful reading. We will be doing all that you recommend……Wanted you to know that he was 100% himself on Sunday and we were so glad. He even played with his toys……I just listened to the tape and let me tell you, it was a beautiful and deeply moving experience. I understand what to do and how committed you are to my Pellie and all life.”

Case Study: Helping My Beloved Bud Cross Over (As Told by Student Debbie Decker)

Deb Decker shared this incredible story of love and healing for her kitty as he transitioned. It is so true that our connection to them helps them as they move from this plane to the other. And the blessing of being able to stay connected to them in a healthy way really is the best of the best. Thank you Deb for sharing this wonderful story!  Carla

"When Bud--my beloved international-winning Havana Brown show cat that I helped bring into this world--was diagnosed with liver failure, I worked very hard with Carla and my holistic vet to first try and heal him. But the damage to his liver was too great from the tainted food he ate (it was kitten food on the Menu Food recall) despite his young age.

We all knew that he would soon leave us and I had one choice: to help make Bud's transition as peaceful as possible for him, and with as little guilt on my part for not being able to save his life.

Bud was what I called an "ugly ducking". I was there with Bud when he was born on September 3, 2006. From day one I started to talk with the babies (six little brown kittens!) and found that each had it's own "voice". Bud was the shy one who ended up displaying his "Siamese roots" by eating holes in my wool yoga blanket, toys and other non-cat-food items. While the others went off to either a show home or pet home, I had Bud--who was a roly poly "ugly duckling". He was short-legged and had a round little belly. Now looking back we know it was the food that bloated out his liver. When the food recall was announced to my horror I had the packets of food with the tainted lot number. This was the type of kitten food I raised his mother on so my litter was raised on it too. He was a picky little cuss - except for his taste in wool, string and hair - so the only thing he would eat was the pouch food. In other words, his poor liver was getting nothing but poisons when I thought he was getting a nourishing diet.

After he got off the food, he slimmed down into a "gorgeous swan" and soon became the youngest of his breed to claim the # 1 alter worldwide! And then while at the large international show, he got sick. And it was down hill from there.

It was through journeying that I learned from Carla at workshops that I was able to help Bud--and myself!--to get through all of this. I always journeyed with Bud before a show, and sometimes during a show if I felt he had a "question" or needed some help with a situation (i.e. a cat at the show, a judge, maybe that new fangled toy he saw!). He was really a funny little boy. A true showman....and a diva! He won the hearts of many judges, breeders and exhibitors. Oh, and spectators too. We'd be at a show and he'd say in his cute little voice "what is up with that cat crying?" So journeying with him as a kitten had allowed us to have an open communication during his (short) life. And that also allowed us to move through his illness, and eventual transition.

When we realized he would not make it, I journeyed to help him with this. He was young, and he loved his mama Gwendolyn so much. He didn't want to leave me either. But he sure didn't want to leave his mom. Gwendolyn, Prissy (an old dog that had passed away years ago) and Spatz (my first cat that Carla met!) were there to help out. Bud was not ready, and it took a while for him to realize that his life on earth was really meant to be short, and he had bigger things to do once he crossed over.

Three days before he was to pass away, I heard him clickity clack into the office (I didn't trim his nails at the end...why?) and then his sweet voice say "I know it's almost time..." then he jumped into the window and watched the Blue Jays and Cardinals eating suet and seed. He turned his big eyes at me and said "I love you, and I'm ready."

The morning of December 6, 2007 I woke up. He was in his bed, but I could tell he was not doing well. So I put him on the bed...Gwen crawled up next to him and started to bathe him...and I put my hand on his side and started to journey. We called circle and not only did my power animals come in, but his angels, guardian spirits and power animals came in too. And then my cats and dogs who had passed over, including his three sisters who had died at the ages of 3-7 days. His sisters were crystal keepers and they brought a gorgeous crystal for Bud. Prissy -- my old Schipperke who was so fat she had to have a Mallard duck to fly around on in the heavens--brought the mate to her duck for Bud to ride when he was ready to cross over. Spatz was there to help along with my grandmother. And Butch, my old Angora who was a head in the crystal palace, showed Bud that he was to do healing work on animals, and help lost animals get home. He had a wonderful mission ahead of him. And as Butch said with his Cheshire smile "You'll be the best cat in the biggest cat show ever!"

With that I heard a long sigh....and I opened my eyes to see Bud gone. I wrapped him up, held him, blessed him, and told him to soar on the back of his new winged friend and I would see him. (Spatz also informed me Bud would go through a 14-day transition period so he could adjust to his new role and spiritual body.)

Although I still miss the little journeying from the first sign of illness through his transition, I know that Bud has a bigger role to play. He has shown me his healing work and it's funny to hear Prissy (who still works with him) jump his butt because he's just doing a young brash "kid thing". I know I now can call on Bud to help out at the shows (he still comes and hangs out and calms his mom down if she's in the ring) and he has even helped me and the other cats and dogs.

Knowing he is happy, and is playing a role in helping others, has given me a sense of peace. I didn't carry--nor do I carry--the guilt that I fed him food (that I thought was good for him! who knew it was poison for my baby?) I still cry at times, don't get me wrong! But the minute I do I think "why?" and then I'll hear him say "because you like to stroke my chin".

So you know what I do? I close my eyes, and meet him in our favorite place next to a gorgeous, babbling stream....and I stroke his chin."

Shared Conditions - Am I making my animal sick?

My right eye itches. There is nothing wrong with it, but my Icelandic horse Jark has something dreadfully wrong with his left eye. Arizona summers are really hard for him. He is susceptible to flies; they invade every moist region given the slightest opportunity. Last year it was his sheath. I have learned to put SWAT repellent on it daily. This year they got his eyes. I put a fancy new fly mask on him, one with pink ears, and it was a little too big. Jark shook it off. I put it back on. He took it off. After a few days of this game I went back to the old mask that was secure, but it was too late. The fly larvae were breeding deep in the pocket of his eye. At the time of this writing he is in surgery getting them removed before they cause permanent damage. Jark with Kolur

This explains why my eye is blurry and itchy. Jark and I get symbiotic symptoms. When he was a youngster he stepped on a nail. I was at work in town, but my foot cramped up and started stinging. When I got home I found out why - it was nasty. As he healed so did my foot. Fortunately the coincidence isn't consistent. When the flies got his sheath last summer I personally was fine!

I am not taking on Jark's troubles. We simply live in the same energetic field. We are connected, and when he hurts my field senses it and sometimes my body mirrors it. I hurt because he hurts, but he is not "doing" anything to me, nor am I trying to help him by taking his suffering from him.

I think this is a really important thing to understand. Many people ask me if their personal problems are making their animals sick. They often feel guilty, which only makes the situation worse. People also ask if their animal is trying to help them when the animal mirrors a person's pain. "Are they trying to take the pain away from me?". There is no absolute answer to this, as some animals are martyrs. But most are not. Most animals mirror our pain because we are so close that we share energy, just like intermingling branches of trees.

So how can you help a suffering animal who may be mirroring you?

First: Get the animal to the best Vet you know, and give the animal every bit of allopathic, shamanic and energetic medicinal support you can.

Second: Do whatever you can to avoid "projecting" your own stuff. Ask the helping spirits to put a protective shield between you and the animal, so that any pain you may be experiencing is neutralized before it reaches them. Ask the animal's spirit allies to protect them as well.

Third: Do whatever you can to heal yourself. The mirror works both ways. Your healing helps the animal heal. His healing helps you heal.

And finally: If the animal is indeed playing martyr, let them know that it isn't really helping you, and that it is in fact making everything worse because now both of you are unhappy! If they are well it will help you get well too. See step three!

Shamanic Exploration

carla personShamanism is as old as mankind. It is a way of walking, hearing, seeing and being that connects us to the world beneath the world, the spirit that is inside, outside, enmeshed in and parallel to the ordinary world we perceive every day. We begin a shamanic path by studying the ancient pathways that connect the worlds and teach us to work with spirit. Thanks to Micheal Harner and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, these old worn paths, overgrown by modern culture, are being steadily cleared. Every day they grow more visible to us and are now fairly easy to follow.

Modern shamanic teachers take people first along the wide and clearly marked paths to teach them to journey. Think of the first few miles of a major trail right after the tail head. It is like a super highway and is populated by people of all types. Further into the forest the trails diverge and become less traveled, more rugged, and more adventuresome. Today's shamanic teachers have cleared these paths for you into the specific areas of their interest: Celtic Shamanism, Shape Shifting, White Table, Animal Healing, Soul Retrieval, and so many more fascinating arenas.

I have opened paths that are about healing our Animal Partners (dogs, cats, horses etc) using shamanic methods. In my trainings I apply common shamanic techniques to animal clients. But I do so in a way that is unique to the trails I have uncovered. Over the course of 10 years of concentrated journey work and attention I have been taught a way of working shamanically that is very powerful, and is especially beneficial for working with animals and their people. I teach this method through telelclasses with the Animal Spirit Network, and through workshops worldwide and private trainings.

I am not sure exactly what cultural traditions I am following when I do my work. I am not much of a scholar. I am an explorer. I ask the spirits to show me how to achieve big results. I ask them to explain the cosmology of the world to me empirically: through shamanic journey experiences, results in my clients, and parallel experiences in my students. The results are profound for me and for my students. (By the way I enjoy taking workshops and connecting with other shamanic teachers. It is so exciting to learn the paths they have been shown, and to see if and how they overlap with the ones I am following.)

Here are the themes of the shamanic exploration I am embarking on today:

Sacred Mask Logo

Spirals and the Nexus of Creation: At the center of the spiral is a place of brilliance. The place of creation itself. A client in that spiral can experience a transfiguration that explodes away the old and rebirths in pure divinity. The secret is in the preparation and the ceremony. I have two workshops that explore this : Healing in the Spiral of Time and Sacred Animal Masks. Sacred Animal Masks is offered in Phoenix and Chicago Spring 2008.

The Power of Ecosystems: This started with my desire to communicate with reef life (all the critters, not just whales and dolphins). Communicating with reef life opened up a new revelation for me in the power of using ecosystems as healers for clients and for the earth herself. As a result I see the earth totally differently today than I did even a year ago. I am currently exploring ecosystem work with my advanced private students. I will be birthing it in a week long workshop on private Caribbean sailing boat cruise in 2009. (Yes, we will swim with Dophins!)

Animal Tribes: Domestic Animals are very dependent upon their connection to their spirit tribes. The spirits tribes facilitate the death and dying process. They bring super powerful healing power. They give the animal a point of reference in the world. They hold any soul parts that were not fully committed to the body at birth. The tribal stories are the animal's mythology, critical to the animal's self concept. I am forever exploring these tribal connections and teaching about them in my trainings. There is more to this story too (there always is). Our power is a function of our connection to our tribes. Our tribes are our loved ones here on earth, our ancestors, spirit family, power animals and their tribes. We will be connecting to our Power Animal's tribe in the Mask workshop - see the page links!

Please browse to learn more about me, and to find out about studying with me.

My trainings are guidances. Your teachers are the spirits. Together we explore paths that are well worn, but over grown, and we rebirth that knowledge for the whole world!

In Spirit and Love - Carla