Dear Carla: Shamanism or Animal Communication?

 Dear Carla: In my animal communication class I've chosen to use drums and journeying to connect with animals, like you taught me.  For AC fieldwork, today I journeyed to communicate with a gorilla.  She told me I had an entity blocking me from being with her, and that she would clear it.  She worked on me and she showed me how to clear it and said, "soon".  SO:  this is shamanism, not simple animal communication, right?  Or is animal communication shamanic?   TA

Hi TA- That is very cool! I see telepathic AC as a shelf the library of shamanism. I really beleive shamanism is a methodology for accessing ALL that is, and I see telepathic communication as a more narrow form of shamanic pracitice.  

In my life I am trying to allow myself to open the spirits kindness and messages in an ongoing way. I am making a pracitice of shifting my focus so that I see the NOR side of things as much as possible, as I am walking in my daily OR world. Like our seeing the Faeries in the trees last week, we know that the spirits are here ALL THE TIME and that our connecting to them is a choice ALL THE TIME. So really - all the intuitive and energy work we do is shamanic in nature. What sets our training apart is  that we learn to connect with compassionate intelligent beings who love us, and we defer to them: we allow them to be leaders in our communication work, our healing work, and in our quest for new knowledge. 

Blessings and power on your path!  Carla