Thanks for your support!

I want to thank all of you for your loving support and comments. I really appreciate your care and attention. Tomorrow I get tested for PFO - a hole in the heart. That could have been the reason for the bends. We shall see. I have finally recovered and have my brain back in order. That is a relief. It was a slow boat back. I have met people online who got bent and were far more damaged than I, with paralysis and comas and all sorts of nasty things. I feel blessed to have gotten by with minor brain effects, easily healed. I will be posting soon on these three subjects:

  • A report on the mask workshop Sue and I hosted March 1+2 in Phoenix
  • Working with the reef and other ecosytems
  • Initiations, ready or not! (or what learned Shamanically from getting bent)

Meanwhile, I am setting up a section for people to post their journeys to heal the planet. We need this work, dontcha think!?