Was it a miracle?

I wanted to share an experience and thank the spirits heartily for their help! A sweet middle aged kitty named Baci went to the vet for stomach pain, and the vet did x-Rays. She found a large alarming tumor on the kitty's lung. My friend Luce, who baby sits the kitty, asked me to have a look and do healing. Luce also asked for prayer circles and other healing groups to help. It takes a team! My teacher Amber said that she felt it was not serious, and she did extraction and healing. She said to expect them to find it is a cyst, and that draining it would be all it needs. (I am always very careful to not give medical diagnosis, so I of course gave a my disclaimers as I told Luce what I was receiving.) Blessings abound - here is what Luce reported a few days later:

Hello Carla, Mother and son are doing great..... Resa (the kitty's "mom") was besides herself with joy, gratitude and relief. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times. The Vet was flabbergasted. She had run a series of x-rays last week, all showing the same thing. Yesterday, .... not a trace. You may remember that I had debated about telling Resa about the specifics of the Shamanic session. Yesterday morning, before she went to the Vet, I called her telling her of your work on Baci's and her behalf and told her that, at worst, it was a cyst that would be drained with no further consequence. She told me that for the past few days, unbeknownst to me, she had told herself that it was only a cyst and everything would be fine. I received the CD in the mail and I will pass it on to Resa, I told her she would be blown away (in a good way) by the comments about their very unique heart connection. Now, I know why you said "how appropriate" when you pulled the amulet for Baci. I am sure Resa will treasure it. Again, all my deep and heartfelt thank yous to you, Amber, and all the other Power Beings that contributed their presence and work but remained in the periphery so as to not alarm Baci.