Spiral Cycle Masterclasses

The Spiral Cycle consists of three distinct workshop-ceremonies. These workshops will be offered in a series of Masterclass Teleclasses starting Fall 2013. They are the Spirits' gift to you. There is no need to learn these ceremonies in a particular order. They can stand alone or be done together. When I do all three for a client I use the order below. But I often just use one or another as the Spirits prescribe. 1. Healing in the Spiral of Time addresses our deepest roots of pain and heals them in our past lives, our ancestors lives and our own living histories. 2. Creation's Womb: Walking the Spiral Labyrinth bring us powerful help from the Spirits who guard and protect all of life on earth. This ceremony brings in multiple layers of power, and has produced incredible healing for participants and their proxies. (This was called Sacred Animal Masks) 3. Spiral Ecosystems brings us into awareness of how we are energetically interwoven with ecosystems that support us, physical and social. It can fundamentally shift our way of understanding the world. In this ceremony we realign ourselves with the harmony of the universe.