Tinkerbell the Grey Hound

In Loving Memory of Tinkerbell - a grey hound with a history of Seizures, who passed despite everything her Mom could do.

Story #3 from the July 2012 Healing Clinic

Tinkerbell: Italian Greyhound who passed away at 14 years old. Lovingly cared for by Sabine. Qualified Healer: Barbara Kaufmann

Request: Tinkerbell was prone to seizures. Her Mom usually used Reiki and medicine to aid her through the seizures. One night her Mom was unable to bring her out of a grand mal seizure and Tinkerbell passed away. Her mom wa s haunted by the sudden passing and feared she may have done something wrong which facilitated Tinkerbell's passing.

Shamanic Healing: The Journey began crossing over a bridge near a large body of water. Tinkerbell's Mom noticed this was how her own journeys begin as well. After calling in the spirits, Barbara noticed whales approaching: Tinkerbell's mom has a guardian Humpback Whale. Tinkerbell's mom became choked up when Barbara began talking about Tinkerbell and Barbara sensed her emotion and asked her to take a deep breath, which helped greatly. Barbara explained that Tinkerbell had chosen that time to depart at that time. Tinkerbell had sensed an impending illness and did not wish for her owner or herself to go through the pain and suffering of an extended illness. Barbara went on to describe how Tinkerbell was surrounded by puppies (the ones who die prior to or shortly after birth). She described how Tinkerbell was curled around the puppies to protect and soothe them. In life, Tinkerbell had been a gentle mothering figure to her mom's other animals. Next, Barbara mentioned the trees and how Tinkerbell loved them. She asked if Tinkerbell had been buried under a tree: Tinkerbell was not buried under either of her mom's two cedar trees only because there wasn't room since six other kids had been buried under those trees. Tinkerbell was instead buried across from the trees near a Hibiscus. Barbara explained that Tinkerbell wanted to climb trees and suggested she may incarnate as something that can. Tinkerbell had always been a rather skittish dog and her mom felt very guilty about that. During the journey, Tinkerbell told Barbara that she was no longer skittish and that her mom had helped her overcome many things and that she had never let a human get as close to her as she had her mom. Although Tinkerbell had intended to pass by herself, she was comforted by her mom's presence and words at the end.

Feedback: Dear Carla, I also wanted to see if you could relate my gratitude to Barbara she did an amazing journey and some of the things that happen during it just amaze me. At the time I was very concentrated to just see what Tinkerbell might be willing to share and now thinking over some of the things that Barb did really blow me away She has an incredible way of connection with someone…. ...Of course the fact that Tink said it was her decision to depart at this time, soothed my heart and soul, it gave me the peace to let my guilt go and deal with her death in a different way…. ...since we had talked about trees earlier on suddenly Barb said, oh wow you do have large cedar trees, the whole time I was following the journey with Barb I saw and felt things she would tell me, it was a most amazing connection, like we were in this journey together not like one person but I saw what she saw before she said it, that was a really really amazing experience. Barb is totally amazing and I am very grateful we got matched and I wanted to Thank you again for having offered this healing class. My heart feels so much lighter, my intense and raw pain is not there, the feeling of missing her is but so different, now when I think of Tink my heart fills with love and the most tender feelings and I feel like I am bursting with love and I know Tink has a purpose and that she is needed somewhere at this time. I feel her around me however I make sure to not draw her away from what she needs to do. Like I said, the tears will be there for a long time to come but the incredibly pain I felt after she passed has gone. Thank you for listening, sorry for being a bit "all over the place", but there are so many emotions