Tobee Wan is doing poorly after dental surgery.

Tobee Christmas, poor dearTobe Wan Kenobee: kitty who won't eat after dental surgery, and who vomits and is dropping weight.Qualified Healer: Karen Stockwell Clinic Date: 07/22/2013 Client: Kaylen Excerpt: Tobee hasn't been right - not eating well, losing weight, dry fur. We have been trying to get to the bottom of it, and tonight we asked the Spirits to help.

The healing was beautiful, and Karen was wonderful. The imagery was very clear I felt the energy. I wish there had been time for her to talk to Tobee so I could know if there is something I should be doing to help him. We'll be at the point soon of having to get x-rays at the vet.

The Healing: From Karen: Tobee is placed upon a wooden block then my guide takes a beautiful white and gold inlay egg off of his altar. It has red and gold with a fluke on each end. He puts the egg on Tobees crown and inhales extracting through the crown. He throws the egg into the fire where it explodes colorful confetti into the air landing as flower petals upon the floor. He takes a second egg from the altar and places it on Tobees chest and inhales extracting from the chest removing the feeling of nausea between the throat and the chest. He takes this egg which is blue and red and gold-throws it into the fire where it explodes and flies away as birds as it is transformed to healing energy. He takes a third gold egg to a dull ache at the base of Tobees tail and extracts it with his breath into the egg. He throws the egg into the fire where it explodes and falls to the floor transformed into flower petals. He takes another egg from the altar and turns Tobee onto his back. This one is placed at his abdomen where there is an unsettled feeling in his stomach. This is extracted into the egg via inhalation and thrown again into the fire where it explodes into birds that fly away. Another egg is taken from the altar this one is green and turquoise and gold. This one is used to extract some discomfort between Tobee's shoulder blades. The egg is thrown into the fire where it explodes into confetti and falls to the ground as all different colored flower petals-pink, gold, red, blue, and orange. The petals are all cleaned up and put away for future healing work. My guide takes his last egg from his altar in order to infuse healing into Tobee. He holds the egg up over his head and allows it to be struck by the power of lightening. The egg glows a bright, bright, bright piercing white light. He blows through the egg which he placed over Tobee's head. The light enters Tobee's crown where it extends into his head, down his shoulders, his feet, his back, through all of his organs, into his bloodstream, down his back legs into the earth, down his tail. Tobee is glowing white, a beacon of white light I can no longer see him, only the glowing light. I start to see him again under the light as it absorbes into his body he looks gray as it absorbs, then turns black again. I'm told the power of lightening will continue to heal him. My guide signals the healing is over by taking the egg he just blew lightening through, throwing it into the fire where it shoots back out cleansed, and my guide returns it to his altar. He picks up Tobee & hands him to me. He asks me to join him in the Shiva healing mantra three times for Tobee. (Om Trayumbakam Yajamahe. Sughandhim Pushti Vardanam. Urvar-ukamiva Bandhanan. Mrityor Muksheeya Mamritat). He tells me we are finished and we leave back down to ordinary reality.

From Kaylen:  Due to dental issues, Tobee has only two teeth left and the little ones in the front. His last oral surgery was in April and after that is when the problem mostly was pushed around in the bowls or dishes and very little was getting into Tobee. I discovered he would eat out of a plastic wide-mouth jar lid (while I held it). It seemed to be the only way he would eat.

Tuesday, the next day after clinic, Tobee Wan remained ill vomited twice. Friday AM,( four days later) he has improved more:  "This morning he seemed more normal, a bit feisty. Perhaps it was because he accidentally got  shut in the other bedroom last night. ROFL This morning he tore out of there and ran for the kitchen.  I am grateful for every morsel he consumes. His fur is still dry and he needs essential fatty acids. I don't want to rock the boat by adding a new ingredient just yet."