Dalai-Lama-Quotes-Compassion-and-tolerance-are-not-a-sign-of-weakness-but-a-sign-of-strength.As shamanic practitioners we work with Trusted Compassionate Spirits. Compassion is key. Imagine a pipe that carries healing power. That pipe is made of compassion.The Spirit's compassion is paramount. Compassion is a hard thing to fully embrace as a human. This week Matt and I were looking up suitable quotes for his late father's epitaph. Ken was a very sweet, compassionate man, and we wanted just the right thing. It was eye opening. Being compassionate is really a challenge. On the one hand, it is hard to be compassionate to someone who is being vile and nasty. On the other hand it is hard to not be overwhelmed with empathetic resonance when our compassion for another's suffering runs deep.

What to do? What is my best way of keeping it real, being there for others, not standing in judgement, and keeping my own integrity?  I journeyed on it, and was given one word, "Tolerance".

I can do that. I can step outside of my reality and my judgement, and tolerate another person's behavior and beliefs. I can stand witness to the Spirits love when I simply hold the space of tolerance.

After that journey many thing happened to reinforce this lessons - more to come!