Training Testimonials

Taking Carla's class was and continues to be a great gift in my life. It is a wonderful treat to be guided by Carla, who is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and always able to answer my questions. She brings a sweet sense of humor along for the journey, also! Thank you, Carla, for introducing (or, as it feels, re-introducing) me to the way of the Shamans, which I was searching for so long. I am looking forward to the next steps or flights along this path! - Janey (Intro to Shamanic Healing Teleclass) I loved the class and everything about it. The exercises have greatly enhanced my life and my practicing.

The class was calming with a wonderful energy. It helped me see things in a different way.

Carla Person teaches as she lives--from a heartfelt integration of the spirit of Compassion. In Gregg Braden's book "The Divine Matrix," he writes of visiting abbots of Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and asking what it is that is the unseen, invisible component to their prayers-- and the answer is that all of their spiritual practices combine to create the feeling of Compassion. Well, we don't have to spend sixteen hours a day in deep contemplation to cultivate the spirit of Compassion in our lives. No matter what your formal religious or spiritual path is, shamanism empowers you to have direct experiences of loving, compassionate beings who transmit love, healing and knowledge. Carla is a loving tour guide as one explores one's own, personalized spiritual journey into the worlds of shamanic practice. The adage about teaching a man to fish is so true--It takes a master teacher like Carla to allow her students the freedom to learn to receive direct instruction from Spiritual Source, rather than being dependent on taking seminars and classes on the human level. I value her mentorship and encourage others to take her classes. Sue Tanida

I am a perpectual student, and, by education and desire, wear many hats. Most days I juggle my geographer hat and my animal communicator hat. In Carla, I found a teacher and an explorer who could walk me to the edge of her explorations of the Universe, sharing with me what she had learned along the way. Then she encouraged me to leap off that edge and explore on my own. My clients, both animal and human, have benefited greatly from the journeys. Dawn in Illinois

I would strongly recommend taking any Shamanic Classes with Carla Meeske Person. I have found that no matter what level I am at, she has been helpful, organized, able to answer all my questions to my satisfaction and very enlightening. Her teaching and leadership has given me confidence (where I had none) and information that I have found extremely helpful. I liked the fact that she encourages her students to find what works for them instead of insisting that we do it like she does. I feel that I have grown because she has given me the freedom to grow. It has definitely been time and money well spent. Thanks so much, Carla! Lyn

The workshop was fantastic! The information and techniques, combined with your teaching style are so powerful. Driving home, a sense of contentment filled my being, the first time in a long time. Ann

Carla, I enjoyed you and your seminar tremendously. Sharon

I admit, I am a bit of a skeptic regarding animal communication, but went to Carla's first seminar with an open mind. Her skill in facilitating us on our journeys was amazing. Everyone in our class met their power animals on the first attempt. You could literally feel the energy of the spirits we had met. We then partnered up with another classmate and proceeded with a "meet and greet" of an animal belonging to our partner. We only had name, species, age and location to go on. I journeyed to my partner's house and later described it to her - a house I had NEVER been to. Amazing things happened to all of us in these two days of Carla's guidance. Since then, a friend asked me to help her with her aged cat who was losing weight. Although the vet did not feel it was the cat's "time", I journeyed and met this lovely cat. I explained how his owners were very worried and understood if it was his "time", even though they would miss him. My friend called the next day to say her cat passed quietly in his sleep. All I can say is - - - WOW. Chris Hudson

I've been meaning to write and let you know what a difference your workshop and healing session has made in my life already. Your work is truly amazing. Since the healing session, I have a new-found sense of completeness and confidence, and my heart is absolutely filled with love and gratitude. As you know, I've been practicing telepathic animal communication for quite a few years now, but have always felt a block...something holding me back. I believe the shamanic method is my "missing link!" It has literally opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you for the important work that you do. I SO look forward to the next workshop. -Carolyn B.

I was in your Chicago workshop last weekend. A lady on my prairie dog forum has a pd with an infected salivary gland... it's been abscessed, and swollen for 2 months - despite antibiotics, etc. Nothing was helping the abscess go down. I offered to do a healing journey - making no promises of course, because I'm brand new at this. I saw my guide remove the gunk and a foreign object (which appeared to be a yucky squirming huge bug of some sort - but I didn't tell her that) from Precious, then she got a power animal. I did this journey Saturday morning. I just rec'd an e-mail from her mom - the abscess went away Saturday afternoon - it's gone!!!! OMG!!!!! Her mom is thrilled of course - and so am I. This is just amazing Carla; I'm really speechless. Lorie

" 'A Theologian studies the celestial realms; a Shaman makes regular visits.' During my first workshop with Carla a few years back, I begged her to please consider taking a student/s via tele-bridge phone conferencing. During her tutelage after the workshop, Spirit gave me a traditional shamanic initiation into Siberian Shamanism and subsequently an invitation to Siberia and the Altai. During an advanced workshop "Spiral of Time" with Carla, I was initiated into Egyptian Shamanism and onto work with the Ascended Masters and an Egyptian teacher. With Carla's instruction, debriefings and guidance I was able to process, understand and integrate the information and guidance from the world of Spirit. Spirit would not have impelled me forward without Carla there as my teacher. My original practice was with animals. Now an ordained minister, I have integrated shamanism into the ministry and provide soul coaching to many human clients with PTSD, past abuse and soul trauma. Thank you Carla for teaching me about the tradition, the practices, for your firmly ethical guidance and most of all for making me aware of how holy is the work we do. I will be forever mindful of and grateful for your teaching, guidance and support. Namaste'." Barbara Kaufmann: Minister, Shaman and long time student of Carla

The shamanic method has greatly enhanced my telepathic animal communication in may ways (already!), including: * Making the connection to the client animal much more effective and effortless. Whereas before I was spending a lot of time to effectively clear my mind/make the connection, the shamanic method has helped me to make a deeper, more meaningful connection within a minute or two. * Creating a much more protective and safe environment to work in. Prior to being enlightened to shamanic work, I found my protection exercises not quite effective enough, especially when working with a sick animal. Many times I would come out of a session feeling physically drained. With the shamanic method, I not only feel protected and safe, but also invigorated, inspired, and more complete with every journey. I think the most amazing thing is, I never expected that I could actually help in healing a client animal. With shamanic work, I now know it is not only a possibility, but a reality! Wow. I just wanted to fill you in on how much your work and workshop has changed my life! It is all so eye-opening and wonderful! Thank you, Carla for introducing me to this incredible new world. With gratitude, Carolyn B