Tree Power

Matt treeMatt and I just got back from 10 days in Hawaii. It was magical and so empowering. We swam, snorkeled and hiked, and we went to Volcano National Park at night to see the red glow of lava with gushing fumes. Shamanically my strongest experience was with the giant trees. I had several big weights on my heart that day we went for a walk: Marcia's death, my father had just called to say he was sick with pneumonia, his girlfriend died night before, I had just spent time with a close friend who is working through heavy stuff, and of course, my own issues. I asked the Spirits for help, and they told me to exchange breath with a big old tree, Hawaiian style. So I pressed my nose up to an elder, looked him in the eyes and breathed - haaa!  I asked the old one to recycle the energy of loss and sadness. It was fast and easy. I saw the roots send the energy down, through the rocks, into the lava heart. Just like that - I was free and high as a kite! Wow! I staggered around that forest laughing! Thank you trees. Thank you Spirits.

Back home now, I am happy to report that dad made it through the storm, and has recovered from his illness. At 92 that is a feat. Here is to another day of sunshine. Aloha.