Validation! Ron Sohlar finds records of his past life



On Sept 5, 2014 I interviewed Ron Sohler about his new book, Returning to Pieg Sayers.The book follows my personal discovery of who I was in a past life, where I lived and how I died. Included are the details of information, validations and clues that lead me to reconnect with my mother of a previous lifetime. I journeyed across the ocean and visited her gravesite and where I once lived.

His story delights me because it validates his shamanic experiences to the tee! Ron put on his gumshoes and went to Ireland to find the records he had learned of from his Non Ordinary Reality experiences. His perspective is great! "I have no reason to doubt this information, repeated from multiple sources. And if it is true, then I can find the evidence." Go Ron Go!

Ron also reminds us that when we work with Spirit, it is a reciprocal affair. The Fairies he works with ask him to do healing on their land. Remember - we all should be asking the Spirits "How can I help you?"

Here is an MP3 of my interview with Ron. Enjoy!