What to expect in Shamanic Healing

Carla Meeske
Carla Meeske

These Shamanic Animal Healing Clinic cases remind me again of what shamanic healing really is - engaging the Compassionate Spirits to bring healing and wisdom to those seeking help. When we ask, "Did this healing work?" Our first thought is to judge the healing against our specific request. I suggest we see the bigger picture. When you receive a quality shamanic healing you can expect your healer to hold a clear and focused intention for the outcome you seek: to engage very powerful Spirits, to stand witness to the Spirit's work diagnosing the spiritual aspects of the issues, removing intrusions and blockages, infusing the client with Spiritual guidance and Power, restoring soul, light and love. However, just because we set the strongest intention and do the work with incredible focus, we may not get the result we requested. We have asked wise and compassionate Spirits to intervene on behalf of the client, and they know what is really needed. Their idea of the best outcome  may not be exactly what we were envisioning.

A good shamanic healer sets a very clear intention, and calls in specific Spirits to help. We may even BEG for that outcome and we should, because to get a miracle, you have to set your teeth with determination!  The Spirits respect that. They too have a singular determination to help us through the trials and suffering of life. Sometimes a shamanic healer will simply set the intention for "the highest good" and just channels energy. But usually the session has a very clear intention, and we work hard with the Spirits to achieve it.  And then, when the session is finished and we have closed the circle, we let go of that outcome. We trust that Spirits know what is really needed, and that they will stay with that client long after the session has ended to help bring it about. Sometimes we DO get the miracle and WOW is that exciting!

Denise shared this testimonial with me after her husband's healing session at my home. His mouth had suspicious sores, which the doctor said were cancerous. It was just a matter of the biopsy to prove it. The Spirits were very strong and clear. It was a joy to do this session. (See more testimonials )

When I asked him how it felt he stated “as soon as I walked out of Carla’s house I just knew the cancer was gone, so I never thought about it again”....I wanted to give you an update to celebrate!  My husband went to the specialist and wouldn’t you know …….. they can’t find anything in his mouth! The same doctor who carried on about all the cancer treatments [because he saw evidence of mouth cancer] was now just speechless…..The puss and sores in his mouth started clearing up right after the session with you… and by the third day they were completely gone!  THANK YOU CARLA FOR SHARING YOUR AMAZING GIFT!

What a thrill is was to get this note! But it isn't always this clear and clean. Sometimes the healing outcome is not as obvious. Maybe the healing was really to restore soul and release old encumbrances. And even through the client may not get the outcome they were seeking, they become empowered and can start to fix themselves! or maybe the outcome is to come to peace with the reality of our frail physical forms, or our lost relationships, or our animals departure, or whatever. The Spirits are very good at guiding us to our serenity.

So if the Healer should not be judged by the outcome, then what SHOULD you use to judge a healer's quality (and you should indeed do this).  Their preparation. Their training and their clarity with describing the Spirits and the work. Your intuition telling you that the Healer is not laying a personal trip on you, or showering you with their personal knowledge and advice, but rather, the healer trusts the Compassionate Spirits to lead the session, to do what needs to be done, even if it is weird and unexpected. The Healer TRUSTS the Spirits. This is how you can tell you are in good hands.

The bottom line in shamanism is this - your healer is NOT doing the healing. The Compassionate Spirits are. The healer is a Hollow Bone. That person has devoted many hours to become a clear, strong channel - a very clear bridge to Spirit. They set their egos aside and do the work unencumbered by their own ideas and judgements. It is not easy to be this person. It takes a lot of experience in shamanic reality, including learning healing techniques, and receiving personal initiations. And it takes the perpetual grace of the Spirit Guides the healer works with.