Where the two swords cross

5dfe6d7a7c0e74b7bf3f28ff9fd8776eWhen we are working with Spirits, they often initiate a big teaching by giving us a small but very important  key. The Spirits said to me yesterday that when I am doing hands on work, I need to find the place in the body where the two swords cross. The showed me two swords, crossed, and then showed me where they were in my clients body.  I put my hands there, and along the lines of the swords, and got a lot of good releases from her. But I wasn't sure what was under my hands, or why. I was only lightly journeying as i was doing the work, so I didn't try to get a bigger story from the spirits. I just accepted that this was the sweet spot, and for that session it was good enough.
The place where the two swords cross. Isn't that fascinating? First off this refers to the criss crossing of the anatomy trains, the connective tissue lines of energy and action that allow the ankle bone to be connected to the shin bone, the shin bone connected to the knee bone, etc. We also know that body balances diagonally, so a sore left shoulder makes for a sore right hip. That explains one of the swords. But what about the other? Is it a second restriction pattern? Or emotional? Historical? Intrusion? All of the above? The other thing to consider here is the location of the crossing. Is it in the thorax? The lumbar, or where? And why swords? It could be chop sticks or flag poles, but no, it is swords, and that matters too.
Something tells me that as I work with this, amazing wisdom will come forward. I am fascinated by the wavy surface between spirit and form. Maybe by journeying into the place where the two swords cross I will will learn an all new level of shamanism! I'll keep you informed!