Why all the child ghosts?

A friend asked me this question today:

Carla, I have one question; I am watching Crime & Investigation network for the programmes on ghosts. It educates me. But I can not understand why so many children spirits are seen. I was under the impression every child is waited for when they die. It is such an awful thought, children who are trapped. Do you know why that is?

Hi! This questions is so timely! The last house I cleared was a rental house for a management company. A child had died in a swimming pool, prior to the management company acquiring the house. The tenants requested the clearing because ghosts were rattling and chattering, and scaring them. I saw the child and the shady souls of the child’s mother, plus other adults. The mother was so heart broken and guilty that her soul split, and the lost part clung to the baby. In the clearing I crossed over the child and the other souls whose bodies were dead, and asked my power animal to return the soul parts of the living back to them, with healing power if they wished to integrate. This is just one case, but maybe children get stuck because they are so dependent on the parent that they strive to stay with the parent. The parent is so devastated that they have soul loss and the both should get stuck together? Then it all compounds as other lost wandering souls are attracted to the drama. Every case is different, but maybe this is an explanation.   ( I also expect that the TV show depicts more child cases because they are more emotional and get better ratings - it doesn't mean that mosts ghosts are kids)