Yarnell Fire Journey


The Yarnell fire, which claimed 19 firefighter lives 2 days ago, is about 80 miles from where I live. Our whole community is reeling. The Healing Clinic on Monday July 1 was a small gathering of Qualified Healers, and we chose to do a healing journey for those affected by the fire. We set our intention to go to our sacred circles in non-ordinary reality, and ask our Spirit Allies to do whatever needs to be done to help all the suffering beings, be they human, domestic animals, or spirits of the natural world. Three of us individually and separately saw that Spirits have set up "soul shelters" for the suffering people and animals in non-ordinary reality. Mine looked like a huge soul refugee camp in my sacred circle, with wooden teepee like structures. There were white lines of light connecting each soul to its proper "owner", and those lines were protected by Centaurs. The other people saw things a little differently, but the gist was the same. ( I also saw Dragons working to create a fire line, and important Compassionate Beings working to restore balance to the 4 elements so that the fire is less destructive.) These Soul Shelters are places where their soul parts can be safe while the person animal goes through the drama. After the drama ends, then the soul will be safe for recovery, and the spirits have lined up helpers to bring those souls home.

We also each saw a sophisticated system in place to restore balance and bring healing. The compassionate spirits are responding with a collective knowhow that is ancient and true. Seeing this was a revelation to me.  It explains so much even though I still can't put what I learned into words. That all of us saw the same things is confirmation.  We set our intentions to ask for help, and we stood witness to the incredible support system that the Spirits already have in place.

I have posted recordings of our journey here. Part 1 states our intention. 7-1-13 healing clinic Part 1

Part 2 shares the report of our journeys. Part 1 is attached here.  I welcome you to listen to the intention and do a journey as well, and share your stories with us. To listen to Part 2 please go here:  Journey for Yarnell