Zander is extra fussy about eating

Zander the Cat

Zander the Cat

Zander: A kitty having trouble eatingQualified Healer: Karen Hisata Clinic Date: 07/22/2013 Client's Name: Robin Excerpt: Zander, the polydactyl cat acts as if he is electric shocked when he begins to eat his food. Robin took him to the vet where they performed oral surgery on him to help him. But it has not helped him. He is now afraid to eat and is so thin.

Zander  will eat with encouragement now. He hasn't pulled back from his food the last few feedings, but I still have to stick the food right in front of him (he is definitely asking for food and hungry), and then sit with him while he eats. He doesn't seem to mind some of his buddies around him either, but he wants me next to him or he'll stop.

The Healing: From Karen (healer): Zander was brought to the Healing Circle but kept looking miffed, ears sideways, eyes slits. I asked him what was wrong and he said he did not want to be there. Mentioning this to Robin, she said she had taken Zander from his cat friends into the room and shut the door, and that he was standing at the door wanting out to be with his friends. I asked her to let him out and that we could still do the healing work. After he rejoined his friends he was very happy to be in the circle and had a happy face! Grandfather who is a Master of healing hands-on sat with Zander and immediately began to look into his head. His hands can move through an animal as if they are non-solid, and he began to do healing within Zander's mouth. The healing work went beautifully and Zander left a happy cat.

From Robin:  I can't find any evidence in his mouth that he has any residual paw--or infection--from his dental that included an extraction of one tooth that was a tough one and one small easy one. BUT I have a tooth ache on my left side. Could he be channeling mine?