Stem Cells and Soul Retrieval

Stem Cells and Soul Retrieval

Modern medicine is opening the door to the creative life force of our stem cells. The research is ongoing, and I will be following it as best I can. What intrigues me most is the perspective it gives me on shamanic soul retrieval. 

Medical doctors in regenerative medicine are using the creative power of our stem cells to heal intractable conditions. Grandmother Sunflower has told me repeatedly that modern medicine was on the cusp of a breakthrough that would change the world. This is exciting! 

My story is about the interface of this knowledge and the practice of soul retrieval. A new chapter has opened for me, and I am excited to share it with you. 

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The New Modern Medicine Wheel

The New Modern Medicine Wheel

Guest blog by Barbara Kaufman. Native peoples realized that nature has no straight lines. Nature expresses herself in circular patterns from the robin’s egg to the moon; nature is cycles and seasons where all things come round. Even life is cyclic with birth, death and rebirth. The circle or wheel represents the great everything or the Universe.

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Validation! Ron Sohlar finds records of his past life

Validation! Ron Sohlar finds records of his past life

On Sept 5, 2014 I interviewed Ron Sohler about his new book, Returning to Pieg Sayers.The book follows my personal discovery of who I was in a past life, where I lived and how I died. Included are the details of information, validations and clues that lead me to reconnect with my mother of a previous lifetime. I journeyed across the ocean and visited her gravesite and where I once lived.

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Tree Power

Matt treeMatt and I just got back from 10 days in Hawaii. It was magical and so empowering. We swam, snorkeled and hiked, and we went to Volcano National Park at night to see the red glow of lava with gushing fumes. Shamanically my strongest experience was with the giant trees. I had several big weights on my heart that day we went for a walk: Marcia's death, my father had just called to say he was sick with pneumonia, his girlfriend died night before, I had just spent time with a close friend who is working through heavy stuff, and of course, my own issues. I asked the Spirits for help, and they told me to exchange breath with a big old tree, Hawaiian style. So I pressed my nose up to an elder, looked him in the eyes and breathed - haaa!  I asked the old one to recycle the energy of loss and sadness. It was fast and easy. I saw the roots send the energy down, through the rocks, into the lava heart. Just like that - I was free and high as a kite! Wow! I staggered around that forest laughing! Thank you trees. Thank you Spirits.

Back home now, I am happy to report that dad made it through the storm, and has recovered from his illness. At 92 that is a feat. Here is to another day of sunshine. Aloha.

Healing Mirrors in our Hearts

UnknownWhen we give Shamanic Healing we get healed. Its like there is a magical mirror in our heart that radiates the energy in all directions, receiving, reflecting and healing. As shamanic healers, we consciously work with identifiable Compassionate Spirits to connect to the energy and to direct it appropriately (shamanism in a nutshell).  This is the heart of the mirror - let the light shine from Spirit into the mirror in your heart, let it reflect outward to the one you are helping, and inward to help you too. It's a beautiful thing! I posted this introduction on a Linked in profile today for a group that offers equine assisted therapy.

Hi, my name is Carla. I am a shamanic healer and instructor, a Usui Reiki Master and a certified Masterson Method equine body worker. My horses as healers practice is a little different that most: I teach people to heal horses, and the person giving the healing receives a mirrored energetic gift. The horse gifts the person, and the person and the horse partake in the healing energy flow. We consciously work with identifiable Compassionate Spirits to connect to the energy and to direct it appropriately (shamanism in a nutshell). 

An Ah Ha moment about our souls

Why is it that a deceased soul so frequently presents itself to us in the form of its most recent incarnation? I do a lot shamanic sessions where I talk to the dead. I do not have a clear reincarnation belief - to me it is a mystery. I accept what I have directly experienced in my shamanic journeys: the soul has diverse incarnations,  the soul can shape shift, the soul can be in more than one place at one time, the soul can maintain the integrity of its incarnations. I have not woven these things together into a tight cosmology, nor do I accept any cosmology from the great religions. I want to see for myself!

Shamanism gives me a direct view into the nature of the soul, albeit in metaphorical terms, like a book of true fables. These stories sit in me like gems in a cave, shining and pretty, filled with the potential of richness. Once in a while something triggers an ah ha moment that seems to bring one of these treasures to life.

Today I read this article

A New Physics Theory of Life

From the standpoint of physics, there is one essential difference between living things and inanimate clumps of carbon atoms: The former tend to be much better at capturing energy from their environment and dissipating that energy as heat. Jeremy England, a 31-year-old assistant professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has derived a mathematical formula that he believes explains this capacity. The formula, based on established physics, indicates that when a group of atoms is driven by an external source of energy (like the sun or chemical fuel) and surrounded by a heat bath (like the ocean or atmosphere), it will often gradually restructure itself in order to dissipate increasingly more energy. This could mean that under certain conditions, matter inexorably acquires the key physical attribute associated with life.

My ah ha moment is seemingly unrelated to the article, and it goes like this:

The soul we experience is imprinted by its incarnation. The soul doesn't stand apart from the incarnation. It is not divided from the incarnation, it expresses the incarnation in some shared mirror. The Spirits have told me over and over that mirrors reveal the great truth. Don't ask me how this fits into the laws of thermodynamics, I have no clue. But something in this article triggered a deeper understanding in me. I wish I could tell you more! I have to journey on it.

Being useful

A lady who was in my Free Shamanism for Animals class has been writing me. She has had spontaneous journeys with a Power Animal since she was a child. Lately the journeys have become more intense, and she has been shown living world animals who are suffering because of the terrible winter weather. It is clear to her that the Power Animal is asking her to help - but how? She said "Always my Power Animal has been there to help me. Now he is asking me to help him? What are your thoughts?" I don't really know how she can help the animals in her area, but I did have some thoughts about the our shamanic purpose: "The thing here that you are puzzled by most is that your Power Animal is now asking you for help, right? I think this means that you are now stepping up your engagement with Spirit. A shaman's role is to be the bridge for the Spirits, to bring healing and knowledge through from Spirit to the incarnate world. So at the most fundamental level, when you are journeying and are connected to wolf, you are helping. Your journeys to the animals in need is very interesting. It could be that your incarnate form is a necessary horse for the Spirit Wolf to ride, so that he is more useful in helping those animals. In that case your act of journeying itself is your contribution. But it could also be that you can take actions that are supportive too.

Really -  so much of our journey in this world is to figure out how to be useful, isn't it? Hugs to you, Carla

2013 - Thank you!

Its only been seven months since I decided to make my website modern.May 2013 I hired a developer and dug into building a responsive site that had all the features I need to make SpiritHealer school a wonderful home for us cyber shaman animal lovers. Its only been six months, but it feels like years!

SpiritHealer has a sharp modern look and more features than I have begun to explore. I am especially jazzed with our on-line learning center for our classes. When you register for a class you have access to it all your materials in one place. How amazing.

As I built out the learning center I realized that the intro series needed a major overhaul. So I plunged in and built out 9 separate classes, each with its own book and class video and/or audio recording. Thanks to a sweet group of helpful people who did sample classes with me, we have a really nice on demand version of the Intro Series. It is much more complete, giving an in depth foundation in shamanic journeying and introducing them to their core team of Spirits. Power on!

Our qualified healers have a directory that they themselves can edit (love that!)

The blog has fresh categories, including Case Studies from the healing clinic, from forms that people fill out on the site. Automation rocks.

I've learned how to make separate pages to highlight each offering. Now it is easy for someone to know whats in a class and why they might like it.

The site is integrated with MailChimp and social media. WooHoo! Every step of automation is a huge victory.

It hasn't been a straight road. The follow up emails broke. The Events didn't interface with the rest of the product catalog. I have at times been completely bamboozled by the layers of logic that I must painstakingly follow, or else! The good news is that a website is not a mystery. It is just a tangled knot of if/then statements. Lots of wild hairs remain. Every day is an adventure.

The most amazing thing about the 7 months is that it was really more like 4. I was sidelined by a major car wreck for 2 months, and I took one month off for retreats and family. Amazing.

Now I can get back to my favorite thing. Creating new material to share, working with the Spirits to birth new ceremony, new techniques. New ways to bring the oldest knowledge on earth into the modern age. I am looking forward to doing healing sessions with you and your animals that will take me into new dimensions and we bring you the healing you seek.

I love this job, and I love you for allowing me to be on this path and make a living. Thank you. Happy New Year!

Celebrating a new baby girl

Today we are celebrating the birth of a brand new child. What incredible joy. It's cliche but so real. This baby reminds me of the light that radiates from all of us. The natural glow of creation. As we talk about the pain that my niece experienced giving natural child birth, it reminds me that we are alive because of the incredible gifts our mothers have given us. This is core human knowledge. Gratitiude for those who suffered to make our comforts possible. Gratitude to ourselves for stepping though our own "issues" into the flow of compassionate love. Freedom, Creator's blessings in our bones, Gratitude. These are the keywords for me in 2014! Welcome to our happy family and planet earth darling child!

PS - I will show picture as soon as the parents say "ok"


Dalai-Lama-Quotes-Compassion-and-tolerance-are-not-a-sign-of-weakness-but-a-sign-of-strength.As shamanic practitioners we work with Trusted Compassionate Spirits. Compassion is key. Imagine a pipe that carries healing power. That pipe is made of compassion.The Spirit's compassion is paramount. Compassion is a hard thing to fully embrace as a human. This week Matt and I were looking up suitable quotes for his late father's epitaph. Ken was a very sweet, compassionate man, and we wanted just the right thing. It was eye opening. Being compassionate is really a challenge. On the one hand, it is hard to be compassionate to someone who is being vile and nasty. On the other hand it is hard to not be overwhelmed with empathetic resonance when our compassion for another's suffering runs deep.

What to do? What is my best way of keeping it real, being there for others, not standing in judgement, and keeping my own integrity?  I journeyed on it, and was given one word, "Tolerance".

I can do that. I can step outside of my reality and my judgement, and tolerate another person's behavior and beliefs. I can stand witness to the Spirits love when I simply hold the space of tolerance.

After that journey many thing happened to reinforce this lessons - more to come!


Hollow Bone

Karen Hisata's description of being a Hollow Bone is perfection!

Hollow Bone

JUL  31, 2013

In the first class I had with Carla Meeske, my Shamanic Teacher, I listened to her describe how we should be "Hollow Bones" for our spirit guides' healing.  Honestly, it seemed very morbid to me.  I thought about it briefly, and then filed it away in my mind as it was the part of shamanic teaching that made me squeamish. During my first classes I met many amazing spirits, who are still with me today, and who showed me things I was simply not ready to see.  By end of class #2, I felt as if I either had to jump off a cliff in order to accept as truth what I had been shown;  I knew it was something that would shift my world view on another axis and perhaps walk me straight into insanity...or so I feared.   So I stopped studying with Carla, and went about my life.  But the spirits kept visiting me and the visions - I simply could not forget or even ignore them.

So back to the term "Hollow Bone".. I started up again with classes to learn Shamanic Healing (and am happy to say I recently completed Carla Meeske's Spirit Healer course curriculum (She is a gifted teacher!)). And therefore had the opportunity to hear Carla talk again about this idea the other day. And I began to consider its meaning more deeply. While she spoke I realized how EGO, my ego had no place in clear-seeing and clear-understanding.  My judgement had no place.  Perhaps I was getting closer to knowing it.

The next morning I journeyed and asked my guides to please teach me what I needed to understand.  And my journey was amongst other things a celebratory and coming of spirit sort of journey.  And the main teaching was about being a Hollow Bone.

I am still "beginning" shamanism and initiated on my path (and this log will serve as my cliff notes).  And this is what I received and would like to share with you from yesterday's journey:

I was shown a bone, my bone.. and what I saw expanded from there.

in journeying: "I see BLACKNESS. Black Jaguar's eyes are before me. This Darkness is silent yet open.  Feeling of vastness yet being here within myself.  Emptiness and completion at the same time. I see a bone and I know it is me. It is cut along its length.  And within it is emptiness. I understand now what I am to be in this work.  That is - I AM A HOLLOW BONE. Hollow bone is beyond nothing.  Beyond empty. It is everything and nothing. It is Open;  I hear all, I see all, I feel all. I am receptive emptiness in my being. I am a hollow bone. I see and feel all my teachers, my guides, they hold this space for me and protect me too. They speak to me and in their words and in their wisdom I know I can trust completely."

What to expect in Shamanic Healing

Carla Meeske
Carla Meeske

These Shamanic Animal Healing Clinic cases remind me again of what shamanic healing really is - engaging the Compassionate Spirits to bring healing and wisdom to those seeking help. When we ask, "Did this healing work?" Our first thought is to judge the healing against our specific request. I suggest we see the bigger picture. When you receive a quality shamanic healing you can expect your healer to hold a clear and focused intention for the outcome you seek: to engage very powerful Spirits, to stand witness to the Spirit's work diagnosing the spiritual aspects of the issues, removing intrusions and blockages, infusing the client with Spiritual guidance and Power, restoring soul, light and love. However, just because we set the strongest intention and do the work with incredible focus, we may not get the result we requested. We have asked wise and compassionate Spirits to intervene on behalf of the client, and they know what is really needed. Their idea of the best outcome  may not be exactly what we were envisioning.

A good shamanic healer sets a very clear intention, and calls in specific Spirits to help. We may even BEG for that outcome and we should, because to get a miracle, you have to set your teeth with determination!  The Spirits respect that. They too have a singular determination to help us through the trials and suffering of life. Sometimes a shamanic healer will simply set the intention for "the highest good" and just channels energy. But usually the session has a very clear intention, and we work hard with the Spirits to achieve it.  And then, when the session is finished and we have closed the circle, we let go of that outcome. We trust that Spirits know what is really needed, and that they will stay with that client long after the session has ended to help bring it about. Sometimes we DO get the miracle and WOW is that exciting!

Denise shared this testimonial with me after her husband's healing session at my home. His mouth had suspicious sores, which the doctor said were cancerous. It was just a matter of the biopsy to prove it. The Spirits were very strong and clear. It was a joy to do this session. (See more testimonials )

When I asked him how it felt he stated “as soon as I walked out of Carla’s house I just knew the cancer was gone, so I never thought about it again”....I wanted to give you an update to celebrate!  My husband went to the specialist and wouldn’t you know …….. they can’t find anything in his mouth! The same doctor who carried on about all the cancer treatments [because he saw evidence of mouth cancer] was now just speechless…..The puss and sores in his mouth started clearing up right after the session with you… and by the third day they were completely gone!  THANK YOU CARLA FOR SHARING YOUR AMAZING GIFT!

What a thrill is was to get this note! But it isn't always this clear and clean. Sometimes the healing outcome is not as obvious. Maybe the healing was really to restore soul and release old encumbrances. And even through the client may not get the outcome they were seeking, they become empowered and can start to fix themselves! or maybe the outcome is to come to peace with the reality of our frail physical forms, or our lost relationships, or our animals departure, or whatever. The Spirits are very good at guiding us to our serenity.

So if the Healer should not be judged by the outcome, then what SHOULD you use to judge a healer's quality (and you should indeed do this).  Their preparation. Their training and their clarity with describing the Spirits and the work. Your intuition telling you that the Healer is not laying a personal trip on you, or showering you with their personal knowledge and advice, but rather, the healer trusts the Compassionate Spirits to lead the session, to do what needs to be done, even if it is weird and unexpected. The Healer TRUSTS the Spirits. This is how you can tell you are in good hands.

The bottom line in shamanism is this - your healer is NOT doing the healing. The Compassionate Spirits are. The healer is a Hollow Bone. That person has devoted many hours to become a clear, strong channel - a very clear bridge to Spirit. They set their egos aside and do the work unencumbered by their own ideas and judgements. It is not easy to be this person. It takes a lot of experience in shamanic reality, including learning healing techniques, and receiving personal initiations. And it takes the perpetual grace of the Spirit Guides the healer works with.

Developing your protocol in shamanic work

Day 7 in Bonaire - oops! It is fun to find one word that captures the essence of a person, of course when you are in a complimentary mood. Mine might be "enthusiastic". I love to live and to experience things, and sometimes I forget what time or day it is when I am thus absorbed. This is not OK scuba diving, and I blew it. Saturday night I spent 6 hours in the decompression chamber thinking about exactly how I had blown it. It was a subtle thing, no obvious stupid mistake like ascending too fast or going too deep. I just went diving every day for 7 days straight, not taking time off. They were shallow dives and quite moderate, but they added up, along with a number of other smaller "risk factors" such as dehydration from my love of tea (and maybe being 50 but acting like I am 25!).

The whole experience reminds me of when I was learning to do shamanic work to heal really icky problems, the kind of icky that can attach itself to the shaman if she isn't really careful. Cavalier is not OK in shamanic work. Sloppiness in any regard is not OK in diving. When I was sitting in the chamber, sucking on that Darth Vader oxygen mask, I recalled that time in shaman school when I tried to pull an "intrusion" out of woman and it stuck to me. I did ask my power animals to help, but I  didn't ask them if we should do it, I just initiated the work and I got hit. (The next day my friend Antonio cleaned me up). I learned a lesson that has served me a thousand times over. Now I have a protocol for dealing with big icky things, and I am very careful to stick to it.

When I teach shamanic work, my goal is to help you develop your own protocols for working with your helping spirits. As Grandmother told me in the beginning of The Calico Shaman, preparation is everything. In shamanic training the preparation has many levels. You learn little protocols for each basic activity, like extraction and power animal retrieval. You learn ceremonial protocols for calling in power that will support your work and the clients healing. You gain protection by asking your spirits for garments and tools, and by connecting with them in extraordinary ways. You undergo transformational experiences that change your energetic footprint in non ordinary reality. But most important you learn to work with your helping spirits and teachers to create the protocol that is critical for you to follow for the work you do. Only you can remember to follow it. :-)  And if you too are "enthusiastic" you might getting your paw caught in a trap now and then.  The spirits will be there for you then too.

When I realized I probably had a form of decompression sickness (DCS)  the first thing I did was go to my circle in the lower world and called in the spirits and the healing spiral that we work with in the Sacred Mask workshop. The bright white light in the center glowed through me and the spirits assured me they were protecting me. The steps I took after that were directed by them like clock work. I called the dive doctor hotline. He said to go to the hospital. The Bonaire doctor, a dive specialist, was the first person I saw walking in the door. I asked him for directions to registration, and he asked me what was wrong. I described, and he guided me through the process with complete compassion and attention. Everyone who stayed up all night running the chamber was a saint, incarnate helping spirits. I cry at their compassion and sweetness. What an experience. My dear Matt held the space for me back in Arizona, and then I came back to "home" here on Bonaire to the loving friendship of Kit and Ed, and I have to say that life can't be better.

Describing a healing journey

Each person who does Spiritual and energetic connecting and healing has a way of thinking about the work that allows them to makes sense of the work in their own minds, and  explain the work to others. I don't feel compelled to explain my experiences an a "rational" way, or in pseudoscientific language,  just to make them valid. Results alone will serve. My trust in the Spirits is my bedrock, and is pretty darn constant. But my likely story continues to unfold. It allows me to teach, to share healing work, and to explore new layers of the shamanic mysteries. But it remains just that - a poem that is rewritten everyday - with each new journey, with each new connection, with each rising sun.

As a Shaman, I do what I do and it is powerful and it helps many animals and many people. I trust my Spiritual team to be there for my customers. And they are.  The spirits I work with are comprehensive and they work with every possible aspect of an issue - but they do this on a Spiritual level. So they information I convey is metaphorical - yet it reaches right into the core. The healing power is direct and immediate. I will leave you with one or more Compassionate Spirits connected to you and your animal. They will  help guide you to the next steps.  These steps can be all sorts of things: diet, activity, attitude, energetic and/or allopathic medicine. We will ask them to make the path easy for you to see and follow. How they do this is unique to each person. Just like our likely stories that we use to explain this fabulous phenomena.