Gardening for my Family

Gardening for my Family

My friend Jo lost her son this month to Heroin. Today we talked about the suffering we experience as the caregiver left behind. And then I saw this post from 2015, when my life centered around caring for my Dad. I am republishing it today, because it shares an intimate time, and Shamanic Soul Gardening got me through.

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Spooky guides a Journey

Kathleen asked me to help her with the loss of her sweet dog , Spooky. Spooky sent many powerful images and personal messages, and promised to support Kathleen in her connection to Spirit - and indeed he did. A few days after the session Kathleen sent this note. spooky

Hi Carla -

My heart is soft and happy - thanks again. I feel like the session helped to open my new relationship to Spooky as Spirit Dog. He was always such a protector - my wild knight! I wanted to thank-you again for your service. The experience lightened my grief considerably, and the next day, I feel like I had a 'miraculous' message / healing. I wrote about it, so I wanted to share it with you:

Feel free to share my story - it was a kind of "miracle" for me - nothing I could have expected or even hoped for. Humbled with love and grace. :)

Postcard from Eygpt

Feb 21,2014

spookySpooky is running along the reedy shore of a sun-warmed dream lake with a tribe of wild jackals. I enter through the white heart of his chest. His elegant dog’s body is a portal to the spirits, and I emerge on the inside stillness of time, receptive. Spooky’s black body is now a sharp shadow outside, but inside, a rope of sandalwood beads leads me farther into his wilderness. I am counting drum beats, breath, the fragrant pulses of love. I hear a drumming gallop like a miniature horse. His body is diamond black, sleek, sealskin. A shape-shifting Kelpie. Anubis, the god of Spooky, reignites his soul’s essence and incense rises again from the top of his head. He had this talent in life, before the sufferings of old age, and now this sweetness has returned. From now, we will meet in this wood between the worlds: refined pine forest, black spindles fanning into orange and purple twilight . We will meet again in this would between the words: aligned spine forest, whorled spine cones of light tracking love’s path back and back… more...



Hollow Bone

Karen Hisata's description of being a Hollow Bone is perfection!

Hollow Bone

JUL  31, 2013

In the first class I had with Carla Meeske, my Shamanic Teacher, I listened to her describe how we should be "Hollow Bones" for our spirit guides' healing.  Honestly, it seemed very morbid to me.  I thought about it briefly, and then filed it away in my mind as it was the part of shamanic teaching that made me squeamish. During my first classes I met many amazing spirits, who are still with me today, and who showed me things I was simply not ready to see.  By end of class #2, I felt as if I either had to jump off a cliff in order to accept as truth what I had been shown;  I knew it was something that would shift my world view on another axis and perhaps walk me straight into insanity...or so I feared.   So I stopped studying with Carla, and went about my life.  But the spirits kept visiting me and the visions - I simply could not forget or even ignore them.

So back to the term "Hollow Bone".. I started up again with classes to learn Shamanic Healing (and am happy to say I recently completed Carla Meeske's Spirit Healer course curriculum (She is a gifted teacher!)). And therefore had the opportunity to hear Carla talk again about this idea the other day. And I began to consider its meaning more deeply. While she spoke I realized how EGO, my ego had no place in clear-seeing and clear-understanding.  My judgement had no place.  Perhaps I was getting closer to knowing it.

The next morning I journeyed and asked my guides to please teach me what I needed to understand.  And my journey was amongst other things a celebratory and coming of spirit sort of journey.  And the main teaching was about being a Hollow Bone.

I am still "beginning" shamanism and initiated on my path (and this log will serve as my cliff notes).  And this is what I received and would like to share with you from yesterday's journey:

I was shown a bone, my bone.. and what I saw expanded from there.

in journeying: "I see BLACKNESS. Black Jaguar's eyes are before me. This Darkness is silent yet open.  Feeling of vastness yet being here within myself.  Emptiness and completion at the same time. I see a bone and I know it is me. It is cut along its length.  And within it is emptiness. I understand now what I am to be in this work.  That is - I AM A HOLLOW BONE. Hollow bone is beyond nothing.  Beyond empty. It is everything and nothing. It is Open;  I hear all, I see all, I feel all. I am receptive emptiness in my being. I am a hollow bone. I see and feel all my teachers, my guides, they hold this space for me and protect me too. They speak to me and in their words and in their wisdom I know I can trust completely."

Healing a young girl's cancer

Brenda called together a circle of shamanic healers to seek a miracle healing for a young girl from cancer. ( Makayla is Jody's 3 year old Granddaughter who was diagnosed with cancer last June...) It worked! Thank you spirits and all who participated in the prayer and Healing Ceremony This is a HUGE Thank you to my Girlfriends who share the energy and spirit gift with me. There should be more included in this email, but I don't have their email addresses: Tara, Connie and Kyle. If I did wrong by including you in what you are about to read, I apologize. But when I need help from my friends, it's you guys I call upon!

I was having a conversation with my friend Jody a couple of weeks ago. I was struggling with my life and the needs of everyone else in my life that I love and was wondering how there could be enough to go around. She said to visualize all my good friends together. After this conversations with Jody, I found a good seat on a curb on the grounds where I work overlooking a beautiful ravine as the fall colors were coming in to full bloom. Jody said gather your friends together, so I began gathering my friends together. I began visualizing all of us in a circle . . . I wasn't quite sure what I was going to ask for once I got you all there, but since I'd been having trouble visualizing for months, I figured I had time to work on that . . . the challenge was getting you all there! Then I got you there, but couldn't connect us together. OK, so I got frustrated!

I talked to Jody again earlier this week and found out that the next day Makayla was going to be given the final prognosis of the tumor in her arm. For those who may be confused right now, Makayla is Jody's 3 year old Granddaughter who was diagnosed with cancer last June and I solicited you all to joing her Facebook Page to Pay it Forward for Makayla! So after talking to Jody, I re-charged all the stones in Makayla's prayer grid . . . and went to relax so I could begin concentrating on bringing all of us together. On this night, I knew Makayla needed the prayers and the energy, but I knew Billy did too, so I put him in the middle of the circle with Makayla . . . what could it hurt, right? I concentrated so hard my head hurt. I concentrated so hard with energy and all the Reiki Linda taught me . . . that the energy got so hot . . . so hot Scandal and Tucker had to leave the room! Everyone came together . . . the circle was formed . . . we all held hands and together we danced, we prayed, we gave Thanks and most importantly, we had hope! From myself clockwise . . . it was Me, Carla, Stacy (and Sam), Tara, Kylie, Mel, Fran, Kelly, Jody, Linda, and Connie. 11 Beautiful women held hands together. Billy and Makayla played and laughed in the middle. You all don't know each other, but you are connected to me. This circle of women danced and prayed. We Prayed for healing, prosperity, love and friendship.

I woke up the next morning so dang tired I could hardly think. Jody called me on my way home from work that next day. Makayala's tumor was pronounced 'Dead in the Body'! No surgery is necessary. There was no sign of cancer in her lymph nodes and the tumor that was in her arm no longer carried any life to it! That's what I needed to hear that day. That the power of prayer and good energy can still produce miracles!!

So, I had to share this with you because it's another frame of reference for the power of prayer, good energy, spirit and most importantly . . LOVE! I know that I would not be who I am today if it weren't for YOU! I chose YOU to be in this circle to help me with my struggles. We are just one small circle of friends, but obviously a pretty mighty one! So I just wanted to say thank you.

In Love and Light! Brenda

Ike visits Mom- after his passing

Hi Carla,A short add-on to the Ike story---little terrier from shelter you did a sesson on...

A few weeks ago I was doing dishes and suddenly felt for the first time Ike---all around me...unmistakeable! Happy to feel his presence and started sending him lots of love. Then wondered if it was a good bye--that maybe he was free of his body and leaving--

That night was just between waking and sleep and suddenly saw a road---and on the road Ike in his old body was walking. The area was beautiful--green, lots of trees, meadows and this dirt road led to a fence--a big wooden gate and two bright beings---standing at the gate. They smiled at Ike and he seemed to recognize them. As he ran to them his body shifted into a puppy body so he had all this vitality. He was so excited and happy--running toward this gate. He looked back at me with a wonderful and happy expression one last time. Then he went through the gate---the brilliant beings smiled and waved at me and closed the gate---they started playing with Ike and and they walked up the road out of site. He seemed so happy to be with them.

Just wanted to share this with you--since I am out of touch with his physical owners I'll never know what happened. This was so tangible and sudden. Thought to share it with you. Thank you again for the wonderful work you and your healing spirits did with him and also bringing the guide---the red winged blackbird that has become a strong presence in journeys here. Appreciatively, Jan in Colorado

Training Testimonials

Taking Carla's class was and continues to be a great gift in my life. It is a wonderful treat to be guided by Carla, who is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and always able to answer my questions. She brings a sweet sense of humor along for the journey, also! Thank you, Carla, for introducing (or, as it feels, re-introducing) me to the way of the Shamans, which I was searching for so long. I am looking forward to the next steps or flights along this path! - Janey (Intro to Shamanic Healing Teleclass) I loved the class and everything about it. The exercises have greatly enhanced my life and my practicing.

The class was calming with a wonderful energy. It helped me see things in a different way.

Carla Person teaches as she lives--from a heartfelt integration of the spirit of Compassion. In Gregg Braden's book "The Divine Matrix," he writes of visiting abbots of Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and asking what it is that is the unseen, invisible component to their prayers-- and the answer is that all of their spiritual practices combine to create the feeling of Compassion. Well, we don't have to spend sixteen hours a day in deep contemplation to cultivate the spirit of Compassion in our lives. No matter what your formal religious or spiritual path is, shamanism empowers you to have direct experiences of loving, compassionate beings who transmit love, healing and knowledge. Carla is a loving tour guide as one explores one's own, personalized spiritual journey into the worlds of shamanic practice. The adage about teaching a man to fish is so true--It takes a master teacher like Carla to allow her students the freedom to learn to receive direct instruction from Spiritual Source, rather than being dependent on taking seminars and classes on the human level. I value her mentorship and encourage others to take her classes. Sue Tanida

I am a perpectual student, and, by education and desire, wear many hats. Most days I juggle my geographer hat and my animal communicator hat. In Carla, I found a teacher and an explorer who could walk me to the edge of her explorations of the Universe, sharing with me what she had learned along the way. Then she encouraged me to leap off that edge and explore on my own. My clients, both animal and human, have benefited greatly from the journeys. Dawn in Illinois

I would strongly recommend taking any Shamanic Classes with Carla Meeske Person. I have found that no matter what level I am at, she has been helpful, organized, able to answer all my questions to my satisfaction and very enlightening. Her teaching and leadership has given me confidence (where I had none) and information that I have found extremely helpful. I liked the fact that she encourages her students to find what works for them instead of insisting that we do it like she does. I feel that I have grown because she has given me the freedom to grow. It has definitely been time and money well spent. Thanks so much, Carla! Lyn

The workshop was fantastic! The information and techniques, combined with your teaching style are so powerful. Driving home, a sense of contentment filled my being, the first time in a long time. Ann

Carla, I enjoyed you and your seminar tremendously. Sharon

I admit, I am a bit of a skeptic regarding animal communication, but went to Carla's first seminar with an open mind. Her skill in facilitating us on our journeys was amazing. Everyone in our class met their power animals on the first attempt. You could literally feel the energy of the spirits we had met. We then partnered up with another classmate and proceeded with a "meet and greet" of an animal belonging to our partner. We only had name, species, age and location to go on. I journeyed to my partner's house and later described it to her - a house I had NEVER been to. Amazing things happened to all of us in these two days of Carla's guidance. Since then, a friend asked me to help her with her aged cat who was losing weight. Although the vet did not feel it was the cat's "time", I journeyed and met this lovely cat. I explained how his owners were very worried and understood if it was his "time", even though they would miss him. My friend called the next day to say her cat passed quietly in his sleep. All I can say is - - - WOW. Chris Hudson

I've been meaning to write and let you know what a difference your workshop and healing session has made in my life already. Your work is truly amazing. Since the healing session, I have a new-found sense of completeness and confidence, and my heart is absolutely filled with love and gratitude. As you know, I've been practicing telepathic animal communication for quite a few years now, but have always felt a block...something holding me back. I believe the shamanic method is my "missing link!" It has literally opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you for the important work that you do. I SO look forward to the next workshop. -Carolyn B.

I was in your Chicago workshop last weekend. A lady on my prairie dog forum has a pd with an infected salivary gland... it's been abscessed, and swollen for 2 months - despite antibiotics, etc. Nothing was helping the abscess go down. I offered to do a healing journey - making no promises of course, because I'm brand new at this. I saw my guide remove the gunk and a foreign object (which appeared to be a yucky squirming huge bug of some sort - but I didn't tell her that) from Precious, then she got a power animal. I did this journey Saturday morning. I just rec'd an e-mail from her mom - the abscess went away Saturday afternoon - it's gone!!!! OMG!!!!! Her mom is thrilled of course - and so am I. This is just amazing Carla; I'm really speechless. Lorie

" 'A Theologian studies the celestial realms; a Shaman makes regular visits.' During my first workshop with Carla a few years back, I begged her to please consider taking a student/s via tele-bridge phone conferencing. During her tutelage after the workshop, Spirit gave me a traditional shamanic initiation into Siberian Shamanism and subsequently an invitation to Siberia and the Altai. During an advanced workshop "Spiral of Time" with Carla, I was initiated into Egyptian Shamanism and onto work with the Ascended Masters and an Egyptian teacher. With Carla's instruction, debriefings and guidance I was able to process, understand and integrate the information and guidance from the world of Spirit. Spirit would not have impelled me forward without Carla there as my teacher. My original practice was with animals. Now an ordained minister, I have integrated shamanism into the ministry and provide soul coaching to many human clients with PTSD, past abuse and soul trauma. Thank you Carla for teaching me about the tradition, the practices, for your firmly ethical guidance and most of all for making me aware of how holy is the work we do. I will be forever mindful of and grateful for your teaching, guidance and support. Namaste'." Barbara Kaufmann: Minister, Shaman and long time student of Carla

The shamanic method has greatly enhanced my telepathic animal communication in may ways (already!), including: * Making the connection to the client animal much more effective and effortless. Whereas before I was spending a lot of time to effectively clear my mind/make the connection, the shamanic method has helped me to make a deeper, more meaningful connection within a minute or two. * Creating a much more protective and safe environment to work in. Prior to being enlightened to shamanic work, I found my protection exercises not quite effective enough, especially when working with a sick animal. Many times I would come out of a session feeling physically drained. With the shamanic method, I not only feel protected and safe, but also invigorated, inspired, and more complete with every journey. I think the most amazing thing is, I never expected that I could actually help in healing a client animal. With shamanic work, I now know it is not only a possibility, but a reality! Wow. I just wanted to fill you in on how much your work and workshop has changed my life! It is all so eye-opening and wonderful! Thank you, Carla for introducing me to this incredible new world. With gratitude, Carolyn B

Healing Testimonials

Wow! This was an awesome reading!!  Profound! Incredible! As always, your Gift is so comforting and beautiful, and so healing.  Cliff and I thank you very much.  I can't wait to go home and talk to Cliff about this! I must share with you that since the day of Barley's reading, he has been transposed into a dog of serenity, at peace, not so overly sensitive to noises and his environment and we are very thankful for your help. And your reading on Blondie continues to comfort us.In the late fall, I will get a puppy.  It was so touching and all so true. God bless you Carla. Thank you. Nancy

Carla, We can't thank you enough for this! Both times when we were in crisis, its your sessions that brought us back to hope and positive energy! We are ever so thankful to you, Grandfather, Amber and all the helping spirits. God bless you dear Carla for the noble work you are doing for people like us! We are forever indebted! Will keep in touch with you always. There is so much warmth in your, your voice and presence.. Thank you!  Pria

I had a journey with Carla to clear the negative energies on our land brought in with a severe hail storm that occurred on Aug. 6, 2009. After the journey, I got ready to go to town and as I headed down the stairs in the front of the house I passed our waterfall which drops into a pool of water.  All summer we had cleaned it every two weeks and worked to keep the water clear, but it stayed murky all of the time (at best) and then would become filled with pond scum towards the end of the two weeks.  I had been checking every day to see if I could see the large rocks in the bottom of the pool.  They were becoming obscure as we started into the second week.  As I passed the pond, after the journey, I stopped and stared because I could not believe my eyes.  The pond was clear.  Not only could I see the large rocks but I could even see the small pebbles on the bottom clearly.  This is over 24 hours since the journey, as I write, and I just checked the pond again.  It is still clear to the bottom!  I am sure that that is sign that the energy has been cleared and recovery of the damage is well on its way.  Thanks so much, Carla.  It is great to know you are there for help such as this.  We are extremely grateful for all the Spirits who helped clear our property!  Thank you! Lyn

I was so pleased with our time together. It helped to fill in some gaps in understanding myself, and I'm so thankful for the all the healing "in my bones" that took place and will continue to transpire in my life.  Knowing that "rabbit" is my number one power animal I went out and bought myself a cute one in resin (he's brown and about 12 inches tall) for my garden.  Cookie gave me one in white for my deck with a lovely blooming amethyist plant. She chose white because we both had connected me with an Alice in Wonderland nature just as you had in one of the visions.  Such fun, such delight! I'm so greatful for your gift of service to others.  Remember, should there be another direction for you down your path, the door will open and you will know! Just keep enjoying the moment!!! Love, light and blessings, Yvonne

I feel as if a weight has been lifted off of my heart, and more importantly, my heart feels different. I'd forgotten what it feels like to have a whole healed heart. Thank you so much for giving that back to me. - Ann, after a session to retrieve a gift of love form her deceased animal.

I cannot tell you what a TOTAL SWITCH I feel in myself since the session with you. A few things have happened: first of all, I feel more unadulterated JOY than I have felt in 10 years. I feel unencumbered. Worries about things are rolling off my back. I used to spend a lot of time ruminating and worrying about my love life being messed up, me being broken, what I did wrong / could do better. I spent SOOOOO much time in FEAR. I am now in this awesome state of practical bliss.

Just a note to let you know what a difference our journey made. I graciously thanked the spirits for all of their help...I am really experiencing a flood of emotions, so this is good.. As always, Thank you so much!!

I feel so rich and full. Hope has returned to my heart. For so many years, I’ve felt "broken" in the love department and I had truly lost hope that I would ever truly be able to love and be loved in a way that was Divine, deep and lasting. So, Carla... I just wanted to say thank you. Alyson

Since the healing session I have a new-found sense of completeness and confidence, and my heart is absolutely filled with love and gratitude. Your work is truly amazing.

Stephen was completely blown away by your communication with his [late] uncle. If you set up an office in Scottsdale and started doing channelings like that you'd be on Oprah in no time at all peddling your New York Times #1 best seller, "Conversations with Dead Relatives." Sharon Darley

I wanted to drop you a note of thanks. I have my Ramsey back again. He hasn't growled in weeks and is being very loving again. It is wonderful. I have been avoiding adding more chaos to my life and trying to find serenity. The little people in my home are out and about quite often now, and I find them comforting.. With your help, I am attempting to find a balance and peace. Thank you. Cathie P.S. Give K my blessing.

I know you had done the healing work the first thing when I woke up this morning, it is amazing how wonderful the shift has been and I felt it immediately! Great stuff. And you are really amazing yourself and I'm very Blessed to have brought you into my life, Thank You! Talk to you soon, and thank you so very much for your continued help, Blessings to you my dear, Toni Jo xo

I just received the rose quartz in the mail. Tucker seemed to recognize it and rubbed his face all over it. I was going to put it on his collar, but he said no, to place it in his bed. He is very calm. When I asked him how he was doing today, he said "all the pieces are coming in." I think he was talking about the pieces of his soul that were separated. He has slept most of the time since the healing; he hasn't been able to sleep during the day for a long time, so this is pretty amazing. I think he can finally relax. Hugs, Kelly

Carla, I want to take a few moments to express my gratitude and appreciation for your devotion to teaching and bringing peace and healing to others, and for the openness of your heart. I have so enjoyed both your workshops and private tele-classes over the past few years, and as a result my shamanic healing practice has deepened and grown more profound than I thought possible.

Speaking as a fellow spiritual teacher and mentor, I can truly say that you are a gifted, warm and wise leader. Your strong connection to spirit and your compassion for all species of earthlings blends to create an awesome learning experience for all of your students. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world! Blessings and hugs, Kathy Kawalec

A recommendation

Yes I know Carla personally and professionally.Hi - I met her through a mutual friend and have done massage for her and her husband. I have taken one of her "animal communication" courses - but in person here in Phoenix not over the computer -- excellently done and amazingly accurate. When KittyBoy was so ill (over a one-year period) and it was getting close time for me to let him go, I asked her to do several readings for him & me... They were right on target.  She also supported with healing and "journey work" after I released his loving spirit from that poor, exhausted little body... very compassionately done. I can recommend her to you with the highest regard, if you are considering either having a reading/healing or studying with her.