Spooky guides a Journey

Kathleen asked me to help her with the loss of her sweet dog , Spooky. Spooky sent many powerful images and personal messages, and promised to support Kathleen in her connection to Spirit - and indeed he did. A few days after the session Kathleen sent this note. spooky

Hi Carla -

My heart is soft and happy - thanks again. I feel like the session helped to open my new relationship to Spooky as Spirit Dog. He was always such a protector - my wild knight! I wanted to thank-you again for your service. The experience lightened my grief considerably, and the next day, I feel like I had a 'miraculous' message / healing. I wrote about it, so I wanted to share it with you:  http://www.kathleenivanoff.com/apps/blog

Feel free to share my story - it was a kind of "miracle" for me - nothing I could have expected or even hoped for. Humbled with love and grace. :)

Postcard from Eygpt

Feb 21,2014

spookySpooky is running along the reedy shore of a sun-warmed dream lake with a tribe of wild jackals. I enter through the white heart of his chest. His elegant dog’s body is a portal to the spirits, and I emerge on the inside stillness of time, receptive. Spooky’s black body is now a sharp shadow outside, but inside, a rope of sandalwood beads leads me farther into his wilderness. I am counting drum beats, breath, the fragrant pulses of love. I hear a drumming gallop like a miniature horse. His body is diamond black, sleek, sealskin. A shape-shifting Kelpie. Anubis, the god of Spooky, reignites his soul’s essence and incense rises again from the top of his head. He had this talent in life, before the sufferings of old age, and now this sweetness has returned. From now, we will meet in this wood between the worlds: refined pine forest, black spindles fanning into orange and purple twilight . We will meet again in this would between the words: aligned spine forest, whorled spine cones of light tracking love’s path back and back… more...



Soul Retrieval and PTSD


Last week a person I'll call Sam (and them to avoid gender ID) came to me for a shamanic Soul Retrieval healing session to get unstuck. Sam had recently suffered a violent criminal attack that left them blocked in all ways - like their life force had been unplugged. Sam is getting court sponsored therapy for PTSD, which is helping. But the whole event brought them face to face with their older, deeper issues around confidence, worthiness and personal happiness.

"Why can't I be confident and happy? Why does this always happen to me?" These are the kinds of questions that come up when we have significant soul loss, and we are not operating with our full life force.  Sam wants LIFE back! Sam wants to move forward with confidence and joy, connected with safe, loving companions.

Our session was lengthy - rich with beautiful imagery and healing energy. The Spirits were strong and clear. In the end I felt confident that Sam would thrive despite what they had been through. 10 days later Sam wrote this:

Dear Carla: I wanted to reach out to you and thank you so incredibly much for blessing me with your time. I feel like a weight was lifted off of me. I still feel like I could use a bit more work eventually.  What would you suggest for me as my next steps so I can continue growing spiritually onthis amazing path?  With Gratitude,  Sam

Dear Sam: I am so excited for you! That is great news!  I am sure you will need more work,  EVERYONE DOES!  :-)  We are all human! The first thing to do is to learn to journey. I have an on demand series, and the first class is free. Here is the linkhttp://www.spirithealer.com/product/free-is1/Love, Carla

PS: I love this painting, Soul of a Unicorn, by Josephine Wall. It is available for purchase at http://www.josephinewall.co.uk/soul.html

Healing Mirrors in our Hearts

UnknownWhen we give Shamanic Healing we get healed. Its like there is a magical mirror in our heart that radiates the energy in all directions, receiving, reflecting and healing. As shamanic healers, we consciously work with identifiable Compassionate Spirits to connect to the energy and to direct it appropriately (shamanism in a nutshell).  This is the heart of the mirror - let the light shine from Spirit into the mirror in your heart, let it reflect outward to the one you are helping, and inward to help you too. It's a beautiful thing! I posted this introduction on a Linked in profile today for a group that offers equine assisted therapy.

Hi, my name is Carla. I am a shamanic healer and instructor, a Usui Reiki Master and a certified Masterson Method equine body worker. My horses as healers practice is a little different that most: I teach people to heal horses, and the person giving the healing receives a mirrored energetic gift. The horse gifts the person, and the person and the horse partake in the healing energy flow. We consciously work with identifiable Compassionate Spirits to connect to the energy and to direct it appropriately (shamanism in a nutshell). 

Can you help my dog with Cancer?

I was asked today: "Our 12 yr.old dog and beloved family member has nasal cancer and no cure, wondering if you think you could help."



I wanted to share my reply:

I am so sorry to hear this news about your dog. Here is how I can help. I can connect with the Spirits who bring healing and support, and bridge the energy to them for you and your dog. They are not likely to cure the cancer. But they would help bring relief from the misery of it, and they would bring you direct guidance and support. I would make sure to connect you with your personal Spirit Guide or Power Animal, who will work directly with you in an ongoing way. Through your intuition, or sixth sense, or inner guidance, your personal Spirit(s) will help you make the best choices.

I would call in the Spirits of your dogs Spirit Tribe, and formally reconnect him to those Spirits. That way he knows where he is going and can look forward to reuniting with his other family. This will make your dog very happy, which makes leaving you easier for him, and makes it way easier for you, because you know where he is going. I always make sure to call in a Spiritual emissary, who will take personal responsibility for guiding the dog through the light. Sometimes this is the dogs angels. Sometimes it is a member of his tribe. Sometimes it is a loved one who has already passed. Sometimes it is another kind Spirit. I also make sure all your questions and concerns get addressed.

Shamanic healing can cure disease, but it is rare for an older animal to get a miracle cure. The Spirits are very good at helping relieve the suffering. They have a special way of making things feel better, goodness only knows how. I have seen many cases where a session helped put the disease on hold, often to the medical team's surprise! The Spirits I work with are very supportive of team work. They are impressed with the ingenuity of Western medicine and the cures we have crafted. Your team becomes empowered with the Spirits' Compassionate guidance and energetic support. Be it allopathic or alternative medicine, the Spirits will empower you and gently guide the team to make the very best choices.

Each session is unique, but my personal team of compassionate Spirits always brings in a range of healing power that is tailored to that case. Some of the compassionate Spirits on my team are specialists in alternative modalities. For example, Dr Lee is an acupuncturist, and he performs his medicine on the spiritual level in our session. I get to see the exact placement of the needles, and the moves he makes over the patient to get the energy flowing.

I hope this helps answer your questions. I am hear for you if you would like a session for your dog. We can do it over the phone, or if you are near North Phoenix, we can work live.

Thanks again for asking. This is a very difficult time for you, I know. I've been there! Hugs,

An Ah Ha moment about our souls

Why is it that a deceased soul so frequently presents itself to us in the form of its most recent incarnation? I do a lot shamanic sessions where I talk to the dead. I do not have a clear reincarnation belief - to me it is a mystery. I accept what I have directly experienced in my shamanic journeys: the soul has diverse incarnations,  the soul can shape shift, the soul can be in more than one place at one time, the soul can maintain the integrity of its incarnations. I have not woven these things together into a tight cosmology, nor do I accept any cosmology from the great religions. I want to see for myself!

Shamanism gives me a direct view into the nature of the soul, albeit in metaphorical terms, like a book of true fables. These stories sit in me like gems in a cave, shining and pretty, filled with the potential of richness. Once in a while something triggers an ah ha moment that seems to bring one of these treasures to life.

Today I read this article

A New Physics Theory of Life


From the standpoint of physics, there is one essential difference between living things and inanimate clumps of carbon atoms: The former tend to be much better at capturing energy from their environment and dissipating that energy as heat. Jeremy England, a 31-year-old assistant professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has derived a mathematical formula that he believes explains this capacity. The formula, based on established physics, indicates that when a group of atoms is driven by an external source of energy (like the sun or chemical fuel) and surrounded by a heat bath (like the ocean or atmosphere), it will often gradually restructure itself in order to dissipate increasingly more energy. This could mean that under certain conditions, matter inexorably acquires the key physical attribute associated with life.

My ah ha moment is seemingly unrelated to the article, and it goes like this:

The soul we experience is imprinted by its incarnation. The soul doesn't stand apart from the incarnation. It is not divided from the incarnation, it expresses the incarnation in some shared mirror. The Spirits have told me over and over that mirrors reveal the great truth. Don't ask me how this fits into the laws of thermodynamics, I have no clue. But something in this article triggered a deeper understanding in me. I wish I could tell you more! I have to journey on it.

Free Recording of Healing Clinic

healing clinic
healing clinic

We had a fantastic time at our Shamanic Animal Healing TeleClinic last night. The call was on Maestro Conference, a teleconference system that gives us break out rooms. Many of our healers paired with clients for private healing sessions, while I and several clients and healers remained in the center circle where we keep the fire going. We call in Spirits and collectively support the healing rooms with loving energy. We also do healing work in the center, and this week we worked on several animals. One of those was Ray Wiley Hubbard, an adorable Donkey who was moving from his rescue to his new forever home. Kate Bremmer asked us to help him with the transition, because he is not experienced with halters and trailers, and he has been in rough conditions in the past. She wanted to make sure he knew that this was a great thing, and that he would be safe and loved forever. I led the session, with Mary and Dorrel adding power and healing as well. We let Ray know that his new home would be wonderful, and got him excited for his prospects. The Spirits recommended that Kate use a chute to load him rather than a halter so that he wouldn't need to be concerned. It would be like going into a stall filled with yummy food.

Here is what Kate had to say the next day:  Ray Wiley met his new family today, and with a minimum of fuss, went into the trailer when he was ready, using a chute. I think he knew he was leaving today as he left his breakfast hay bag, but he sure did like the Nicker Makers that his new family brought. I told them about his power companions Kolur and the little dog. They were happy to hear this.

The recording features the center circle, and then reports from the breakout rooms. It is very interesting and filled with beauty.  As you listen you will experience the healing for yourself! There are stories of emotional healing, physical healing, general communication, and transition to the afterlife - a cross section of cases that illustrate what SpiritHealer School is all about!

Listen Now
Listen Now
certified healer
certified healer

It was graduation day for Judy Ramsey, Patti Cora, Kim Sielski, Karen Stockwell, Lynn Cohen and Susanne Helms. You can see their bios on our Qualified Healer page. 

Simple intentional touch

You should do a very specific light touch technique with her. Put your fingers on the neck  - very very lightly, and close your eyes. Focus on her bones and the soft tissue. Do Not Think. Just imagine the healthy, vibrant, happy tissues. Today I did a session for a older dog named Maya who is dizzy and holds her head to the side. The vet said it may be vestibular disease, and Gail is hopeful for Maya's full recovery. She wanted to me find out from Maya and the Spirits if there were anything she could do to help Maya through this. The Spirits gave her a an idea for doing some very simple intentional touch, and I wanted to share it with you:

You should do a very specific light touch technique with her. Put your fingers on her cranial/cervical junction, on the neck in the crease below the occiput - very very lightly, and close your eyes. Focus on her bones and the soft tissue. They said to see the bones like they are (see the picture) and then to just envision the tissue however your imagination sees it. It doesn't matter. All that matters is that you are focusing on seeing all the tissues being healthy vibrant and happy.  Maya will instruct your intuition on where to put your fingers next. DO NOT THINK. Just imagine the healthy vibrant happy tissues. It is very likely you will find yourself moving along her TMJ. The spirits talked about how old dogs teeth don't do what they should, and the ligaments get all worn and tired. But no matter what is causing the head to tilt and her to feel dizzy - a tumor, arthritis, inner ear swelling, whatever, the spirits would not say -  this technique will make her feel tons better.

It is so gratifying to have the Spirits give such clear direction. Gayle will easily be able to do thi , and she and Maya will have sweet loving time together as she does. I look forward to hearing that it is working!

Being useful

A lady who was in my Free Shamanism for Animals class has been writing me. She has had spontaneous journeys with a Power Animal since she was a child. Lately the journeys have become more intense, and she has been shown living world animals who are suffering because of the terrible winter weather. It is clear to her that the Power Animal is asking her to help - but how? She said "Always my Power Animal has been there to help me. Now he is asking me to help him? What are your thoughts?" I don't really know how she can help the animals in her area, but I did have some thoughts about the our shamanic purpose: "The thing here that you are puzzled by most is that your Power Animal is now asking you for help, right? I think this means that you are now stepping up your engagement with Spirit. A shaman's role is to be the bridge for the Spirits, to bring healing and knowledge through from Spirit to the incarnate world. So at the most fundamental level, when you are journeying and are connected to wolf, you are helping. Your journeys to the animals in need is very interesting. It could be that your incarnate form is a necessary horse for the Spirit Wolf to ride, so that he is more useful in helping those animals. In that case your act of journeying itself is your contribution. But it could also be that you can take actions that are supportive too.

Really -  so much of our journey in this world is to figure out how to be useful, isn't it? Hugs to you, Carla

The decision to euthanise

happyhipsThis is Hip Boots last day. She has stopped eating, and she has withdrawn. At 18 or 19 years old it is expected. We are sad and resigned to the inevitable. It has been a great life. She came home with us as a baby cat, along with her two siblings, born to a feral queen under my sister's shed. The queen became a house cat and had another litter, giving my sister two wonderful kitty companions. Both mom and brother have left already. Hip Boot's sibling have long gone, although the  sister, Venture, immediately reincarnated into Timmy, and is doing fine. Really this post is about sharing a fantastic article on helping us decide if it is time for the big goodbye. And here is the link.


Knowing: Shamanic philosophical exploration

Dore world between the worlds
In the SpiritHealer School's #6 Class: Animal Crossing and the Afterlife, we have been exploring the world in between the upper and lower worlds,and the middle world. These realms are well known in our classical literature and art. Susanne shared this picture on Facebook today, because it really does speak to what we have seen in our journeys. Shamanism is about coming to KNOW what IS. Shamanism is the most profound philosophical exploration I can ever imagine. When I went to St Johns College to read all the Great Books, my whole purpose was to come to know. St Johns gave me the framework for a rigorous exploration. But it is Shamanism that is giving me the direct experience that I need to have some glimpse of the way it is. Yes, it is very very deep!

Gustave Doré, Oil on Canvas: "When we were down below in the dark well, beneath the giant's feet and lower yet, with my eyes still upon the steep embankment,I heard this said to me: 'Watch how you pass; walk so that you not trample with your soles the heads of your exhausted, wretched brothers.'

At this I turned and saw in front of me, beneath my feet, a lake that, frozen fast, had lost the look of water and seemed glass."




Reiki, Shamanism and horse massage

Reiki and horse massageYou know me as a shamanic healer, but I am also a Reiki Master and Masterson Method certified horse massage therapist. Naturally when I massage horses I combine the three. Yesterday I was helping a new client, a pretty 12 year old dressage mare named Cleo. She was extremely reactive in her head and neck, and shuddered under the lightest touch at the withers. The woman said she was very head shy, and she expected we would have to go slowly. Cleo's first reaction to my light hand resting on her upper neck was to pull up and back, even to rear. She was communicating " I can't help it! It hurts!". I replied with a promise that we would make that pain go away. She believed me. She said she would try. I used "air gap" - a move in Masterson Method where we hold our hand above the skin, transmitting our message to "relax" into the horse's nervous system. Without Reiki or Energy Healing, this works. With Reiki it works even better. I passed my hand over her bladder meridian, sending a very soft  Cho Ku Rei, and then lifted each leg, moving it in certain ways that encourage the body to release its tension. Then I did a deep infusion of Reiki into the small of her back. As the Reiki was moving through her, I asked my Power Animal to reach in and remove the intrusions, the stuck energy that was causing her the pain. As my Power Animal did this I saw where the intrusions were, and I began to understand how they got there. The core reason was that Cleo had learn that being in tension was what she was "supposed to do". When she assumed her dressage posture, she was safe. That posture has a lot of structural tension in it, and the result was that her head and neck HURT! Our darling Cleo believes this is how it is supposed to be. I ask her if she would that hard to relax. She said, "I'll try".

To heal this horse I had to restore her innocence. I did this through shamanism. I called in her Spirit tribe and asked them to bring her back her soul parts that had left during the hard times in her life. I specifically removed the embedded fear in her bones around an incident at a wash rack,where she pulled back and flipped over. I merged with my  Spirit Teacher and he touched her face, head and neck. She allowed it, and she relaxed.

1 hour into the session, Cleo had her head on my shoulder, deeply relaxed, her lips sagging, and her eyes half closed. We didn't have camera - but these picture show the idea. A horse has to be completely trusting and relaxed to do this. It is the same thing a baby horse does resting her head on the back of a friend or her mother.

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Yarnell Fire Journey


The Yarnell fire, which claimed 19 firefighter lives 2 days ago, is about 80 miles from where I live. Our whole community is reeling. The Healing Clinic on Monday July 1 was a small gathering of Qualified Healers, and we chose to do a healing journey for those affected by the fire. We set our intention to go to our sacred circles in non-ordinary reality, and ask our Spirit Allies to do whatever needs to be done to help all the suffering beings, be they human, domestic animals, or spirits of the natural world. Three of us individually and separately saw that Spirits have set up "soul shelters" for the suffering people and animals in non-ordinary reality. Mine looked like a huge soul refugee camp in my sacred circle, with wooden teepee like structures. There were white lines of light connecting each soul to its proper "owner", and those lines were protected by Centaurs. The other people saw things a little differently, but the gist was the same. ( I also saw Dragons working to create a fire line, and important Compassionate Beings working to restore balance to the 4 elements so that the fire is less destructive.) These Soul Shelters are places where their soul parts can be safe while the person animal goes through the drama. After the drama ends, then the soul will be safe for recovery, and the spirits have lined up helpers to bring those souls home.

We also each saw a sophisticated system in place to restore balance and bring healing. The compassionate spirits are responding with a collective knowhow that is ancient and true. Seeing this was a revelation to me.  It explains so much even though I still can't put what I learned into words. That all of us saw the same things is confirmation.  We set our intentions to ask for help, and we stood witness to the incredible support system that the Spirits already have in place.

I have posted recordings of our journey here. Part 1 states our intention. 7-1-13 healing clinic Part 1

Part 2 shares the report of our journeys. Part 1 is attached here.  I welcome you to listen to the intention and do a journey as well, and share your stories with us. To listen to Part 2 please go here:  Journey for Yarnell

Kolur's transition

Kokoeye Losing a horse is monumental. The tears, the ache, the feeling it will never end. But it does subside. It has been 6 days now. Kolur is processing his change. The first day he was in a white place where I could not go. This is the in between world where souls go to get is all sorted out - the body is gone, the concerns of incarnation can leave too. They separate from us. It hurts like mad! But it is completely right. We need to stay HERE. And they need to go THERE. and our souls must separate. He was only there about a day and half, a pretty short time. While he was there he would occasionally come thundering through the paddock and the swiftly pass away. The horses saw him and startled. I felt him, but we didn't communicate. We were finding our separateness. After he left the white place he joined a raucous tribe of Icelandic Horses, and I could begin to communicate with him. He introduced me to a Spirit Man who has been connected to us for generations. Kolur and I go back so many lifetimes. He told me that his favorite thing of all in our lives together was free dancing with clicker. And he said that the very best way to help Jark and Lyra through this is to clicker play with them. Then he took off with the cloudy band of his Spirit Tribe.

He was so right! That night I did target games with both of them. After Lyra figured out she was training me, she perked up. Jark was so excited to have the games back! Kolur and I had a special move - I would tap his croup and he would turn out way from me and circle back to face me, like being turned in a country swing dance. Jark watched it, but he never did it. That night he did it with pizzazz! I touched his hip and he stepped back, twirled on his forehand and snapped back into position. Wow! The healing has begun.

I have taken the two out on trail daily, riding Lyra and ponying Jark. For years I rode Jark and ponied Kolur, then we got Lyra and I would leave two horses home. It is funny to see Jark channeling Kolur, either through Kolur's intersession, or just from the way it is. Jark is slow, soft and willing to walk behind. This is out of character. But ponying brings out the cooperation in a horse.

I am grateful to have Kolur near, but free. Here when I need him, but otherwise running and romping in the wind, free to fly!


Kolur 1986-2013

Kolur Kiss In Memory of Kolur

Love is not a big enough word. This horse  - there are no words. So so sad. He went with grace, surrounded by those who have cared for him for these last years. Blessings to all of us. So So Sad.

Kolur Imported from Iceland by Robyn Hood in 92 or 93 An expo horse for the Icelandic Horse Farm, until he took to stumbling. Gifted to my by Robyn Hood. I restarted him with clicker training, no halter, no nothing. We just danced together for a year. He got fabulous body work by Erik Verdow. His pol finally got motion back, and he learned to bend and flex. That work inspired me to become a Masterson Method Massage therapist. Then we rode and rode. The beach. The mountains. The hills, in Expos. He got lost for 3 days in the Oregon mountains. He got cancer. We knocked it back! He nurtured his herd. Then we moved to Arizona. And he told Jark where we were.

Here in AZ his life was harder. No grass. And he lived in boarding stables for 6 years. He got cancer and an amputation. He got crippled by a stupid pasture accident and nearly died. But his love kept going. He became a therapy horse and was happy. He carried Angela over the hills, Dads late wife, and he helped little Priscilla learn to ride at 3 years old. At Robin Overstreet's barn he was an ambassador. A lover of all. And he kept saying "I want to live with you again!". So with the determination of a bull dog, Matt and I found this house, and he moved in just about 11 months ago. We had 11 months here. Me watching him out the windows. Lindy taking him for slow walk rides. Him loving his new mare Lyra, and playing with Jark, gelding style.

But this weekend was it. A colic and twist. Fast, furious, and done.

How we miss him. I regret not having spent more time loving and caring and tenderly being with him. Live for now. Love for now. Be for and with those you care for. JUST DO IT. Life is short. and poof.

In time Kolur will be my wind horse, as he has been in many journeys already. I know he is my forever pony. My heart and breath. For now, dear one, remember who you are. And when you are ready, teach me darling, about the wind and the sky.

Kolur  1986 - 2013

CAT Dragons

dragon2Yesterday we had our first Dragon workshop in Florida, hosted by Jo Maldonado's CAT. The Dragons came through with so much clarity and power. Three themes wove through the work- remembering the dragon time, and us in that time - creating our future empowered by our personal dragon - dragon powered hands on healing

Some highlights - Some of us experienced the dragons in ways that evoked the fantasy images we find in media today. Some people got images that were more like upper world light shows. It was different for everyone, and I am beginning to see how middle world beings like dragons take forms that are combined from their core power and our collective idea of them.

Hands on healing with Dragons is a different experience for me from working with my other upper and lower world teachers. There is a craft to it, part magic, part skill, that is exciting and tangible. It feels like a gateway to a completely new dimension of work.

I feel as though a book has been opened, with some written parts, and lots of blank spaces for us to fill in. And here we go! We will create this manual for Dragon Shamanism together, bring these creators to life in our world for healing and love.

We are having two retreats this year focused on Dragons. Bumblebee in early April, and Lake Seed GA in July. I am going to be redeveloping the agendas now after this day in Florida. The Dragons have LIVING BREATH, and I must speak their words fresh now. It is such a joy. Such a gift, Such a delight.

Welcome home dear Dragons. May our partnership be heavenly.


In Loving Memory of Toby

Healing Clinic Request: Toby, a 14 year old Main Coon, suffered from abdominal tumors. His mother had been working closely with Healer Jo Maldonado prior to the Healing Clinic.


Shamanic Journey:

During the Healing Clinic, Mary Helen Schmidt was paired with Toby. During the Journey, Toby was shown seated on a Purple Throne. He was approached by one of Mary Helen's teachers, Dr. George, who proceeded to remove the bad energy. Next Mary Helen's spiral teacher spun gold and roses into Toby and he was then crowned by Goddess (another of Mary Helens teachers). While Mary Helen journeyed, Toby's mother noticed that Toby had come to the phone, laid down and slept peacefully. After the journey had ended, Toby promptly got up, ate half his bowl of food and went to the litter box. His mother was "blown away".


While Toby rebounded immediately after the healing, his condition worsened the next morning. His Mom called Carla and we did a private healing session to connect him to his spirit tribe and facilitate a smooth and graceful transition. Knowing with certainty that it was time to act, she lovingly wrapped him in his Angel Blanket and made the trip to the vets:

"He was calm and quite all the way there on the car trip (he usually hates the car and cry's all the way to the vet... actually he did on Fridays visit) but today .....not a sound .....he was leaning his head over my arm on the short drive there....They sent us into a room and on the table was a royal purple little soft bed ..... as soon as we looked at it Michael and I knew it would be OK because last night in the session they picked him up and put him on a royal purple chair...."

After saying their goodbyes, the family left to wait outside the room: "We were anxious and sobbing and then all of a sudden we were filled with peace....and we could feel love…" and Toby passed peacefully.

Dear Carla,

"I think timing is everything.... we so wanted a peaceful passing for him and that was exactly what happened. We had a wonderful week with him and I was so blessed working with Jo ... her and Toby taught us some amazing life lessons this week. I would not have missed the group last night for anything .... I am so blessed for the experience... everything the healer said was so amazingly right on and we will hold onto those last memories. It was very precious. My phone call to you was the perfect timing if I had waited he would have really suffered... I knew the talk you had with him helped him and you were right........ he wasn't afraid."

Tinkerbell the Grey Hound

In Loving Memory of Tinkerbell - a grey hound with a history of Seizures, who passed despite everything her Mom could do.

Story #3 from the July 2012 Healing Clinic

Tinkerbell: Italian Greyhound who passed away at 14 years old. Lovingly cared for by Sabine. Qualified Healer: Barbara Kaufmann

Request: Tinkerbell was prone to seizures. Her Mom usually used Reiki and medicine to aid her through the seizures. One night her Mom was unable to bring her out of a grand mal seizure and Tinkerbell passed away. Her mom wa s haunted by the sudden passing and feared she may have done something wrong which facilitated Tinkerbell's passing.

Shamanic Healing: The Journey began crossing over a bridge near a large body of water. Tinkerbell's Mom noticed this was how her own journeys begin as well. After calling in the spirits, Barbara noticed whales approaching: Tinkerbell's mom has a guardian Humpback Whale. Tinkerbell's mom became choked up when Barbara began talking about Tinkerbell and Barbara sensed her emotion and asked her to take a deep breath, which helped greatly. Barbara explained that Tinkerbell had chosen that time to depart at that time. Tinkerbell had sensed an impending illness and did not wish for her owner or herself to go through the pain and suffering of an extended illness. Barbara went on to describe how Tinkerbell was surrounded by puppies (the ones who die prior to or shortly after birth). She described how Tinkerbell was curled around the puppies to protect and soothe them. In life, Tinkerbell had been a gentle mothering figure to her mom's other animals. Next, Barbara mentioned the trees and how Tinkerbell loved them. She asked if Tinkerbell had been buried under a tree: Tinkerbell was not buried under either of her mom's two cedar trees only because there wasn't room since six other kids had been buried under those trees. Tinkerbell was instead buried across from the trees near a Hibiscus. Barbara explained that Tinkerbell wanted to climb trees and suggested she may incarnate as something that can. Tinkerbell had always been a rather skittish dog and her mom felt very guilty about that. During the journey, Tinkerbell told Barbara that she was no longer skittish and that her mom had helped her overcome many things and that she had never let a human get as close to her as she had her mom. Although Tinkerbell had intended to pass by herself, she was comforted by her mom's presence and words at the end.

Feedback: Dear Carla, I also wanted to see if you could relate my gratitude to Barbara she did an amazing journey and some of the things that happen during it just amaze me. At the time I was very concentrated to just see what Tinkerbell might be willing to share and now thinking over some of the things that Barb did really blow me away She has an incredible way of connection with someone…. ...Of course the fact that Tink said it was her decision to depart at this time, soothed my heart and soul, it gave me the peace to let my guilt go and deal with her death in a different way…. ...since we had talked about trees earlier on suddenly Barb said, oh wow you do have large cedar trees, the whole time I was following the journey with Barb I saw and felt things she would tell me, it was a most amazing connection, like we were in this journey together not like one person but I saw what she saw before she said it, that was a really really amazing experience. Barb is totally amazing and I am very grateful we got matched and I wanted to Thank you again for having offered this healing class. My heart feels so much lighter, my intense and raw pain is not there, the feeling of missing her is but so different, now when I think of Tink my heart fills with love and the most tender feelings and I feel like I am bursting with love and I know Tink has a purpose and that she is needed somewhere at this time. I feel her around me however I make sure to not draw her away from what she needs to do. Like I said, the tears will be there for a long time to come but the incredibly pain I felt after she passed has gone. Thank you for listening, sorry for being a bit "all over the place", but there are so many emotions

Ike visits Mom- after his passing

Hi Carla,A short add-on to the Ike story---little terrier from shelter you did a sesson on...

A few weeks ago I was doing dishes and suddenly felt for the first time Ike---all around me...unmistakeable! Happy to feel his presence and started sending him lots of love. Then wondered if it was a good bye--that maybe he was free of his body and leaving--

That night was just between waking and sleep and suddenly saw a road---and on the road Ike in his old body was walking. The area was beautiful--green, lots of trees, meadows and this dirt road led to a fence--a big wooden gate and two bright beings---standing at the gate. They smiled at Ike and he seemed to recognize them. As he ran to them his body shifted into a puppy body so he had all this vitality. He was so excited and happy--running toward this gate. He looked back at me with a wonderful and happy expression one last time. Then he went through the gate---the brilliant beings smiled and waved at me and closed the gate---they started playing with Ike and and they walked up the road out of site. He seemed so happy to be with them.

Just wanted to share this with you--since I am out of touch with his physical owners I'll never know what happened. This was so tangible and sudden. Thought to share it with you. Thank you again for the wonderful work you and your healing spirits did with him and also bringing the guide---the red winged blackbird that has become a strong presence in journeys here. Appreciatively, Jan in Colorado