Carla Meeske

Carla Meeske uses Shamanic Healing to relieve physical, emotional or behavioral problems in animals and people. If you or your animal friend has issues, Carla can help.  Working through Carla, the Compassionate Spirits deliver strong healing power. Shamanic techniques like soul retrieval, illness transfiguration and compassion infusion bring new light and hope. 

  • 20 plus years experience in professional shamanic practice, for both animals and people
  • Pioneer who developed shamanic animal communication, and brought shamanic healing to animals
  • Passionate about Spiritual healing – bridging the energetic connection between the Spirits and you
  • Fabulous communicator, who beautifully explains your shamanic journey session and makes it real for you
  • Careful listener, Carla will help you distill your concerns into actionable requests for the Spirits to help you
  • Superb teacher, who creates magic for her students and guides people to their full potential

Carla offers training programs through her school, SPIRITHEALER SCHOOL OF SHAMANISM. Carla completed the Foundation of Shamanic Studies 3 year program in 2000, and has studied with many other masters for over 20 years. She is a Reiki Master, and is certified in the Masterson Method of equine bodywork.

Why Shamanism?

Shamanic spiritual healing is ancient medicine practiced by indigenous people world wide. Entering “non-ordinary” reality, shamans request help from spirits who love us and who want us be healed and whole.

Modern Shamanic Healing is complementary to modern medicine and therapy. Shamanism can accelerate other therapies’ effectiveness, removing impediments and facilitating rapid healing. Often spiritual healing is the missing link, the wind in the sails that allows true healing to rapidly progress.

The Shamanic Journey gives us a clear channel of communication with living and deceased animals. The Journey involves crossing between the worlds, first connecting with Compassionate Spirits, and then with the animal we want to communicate with. The Spirits augment and clarify communications we receive, and they offer healing to the animal’s traumas, physical and emotional. Shamanic work is all about results!

Carla teaches shamanism world wide through distance education and live workshops. Carla’s courses are geared toward healing animals, but the path involves deep personal transformation. Your Spirits will guide your personal path to wisdom

Carla is the pioneer in web based distance healing and learning for shamanism. She launched in 1998, offering professional Shamanic Healing and Shamanic Animal Communication through distance sessions.  She founded the an animal communication discussion list on One List in 1998, which later became the Yahoo Groups discussion list.

She began her Shamanic studies in the mid 1980s, and graduated from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies 3 Year Advanced Training in 2000. Since she has studied with Shamanic Masters from many traditions. Carla is a Reiki Master, and is a Certified Masterson Method Equine Bodyworker.

Carla’s Degrees:

2013 Reiki Master

2011 Certified Masterson Method Integrated Equine Bodywork

2001 Graduate Foundation for Shamanic Studies 3 year advanced training

1990 Ordained Minister

1985 MBA Marketing/Finance, Columbia University, New York, NY

1982 BA Liberal Arts/Philosophy, St John’s College, Santa Fe NM

Carla’s Previous Jobs:

1994-2004  Full time Instructor of Marketing, University of Oregon

1993-2004 Marketing consultant to various industries

1985-1993 Marketing, Hasbro (Kenner) Toys. Last gig: Director of marketing for NERF brand foam sports.

Carla’s publications include:

  • The Calico Shaman: True Tales of Animal Communication; Coccora Press 2005
  • Speak to My Heart : Carla Person’s Step by Step Method for Shamanic Animal Communication (DVD); Cocorra Press 2003
  • Shamanic Animal Communication; Shamanism, Vol 16 No.1 2003
  • Shamanism for Animals; Sacred Hoop Magazine, Spring 2000

Carla’s work has been described in:

  • Teaching Your Horse to Overcome Fears; Laura Harrison McBride; Story Publishing 2001

Carla has presented at these major conferences:

  • Animal Crossings Mini-Workshop: Society for Shamanic Practitioners Conference 2006
  • Shamanic Healing for Animals: International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing Conference 2004
  • Fairy and Human Relations Congress 2015
  • Faery Allies Telesummit 2017