What is Connected Flow™ ? It is our ability to bring the compassionate power of creation that pulses through nature all around us, through our hands into the energetic tissues of the animals we love. It allows us to “read” the animal’s tissues, and feel the tissues energetic and physical restrictions. It lets us sense where to move our hands, and what to do when we are at the right spots. It gives us information to help you horse on a physical, emotional and soul level. Combining Connected Flow with bodywork skill and knowledge makes for Powerful Work! And further, combining Connected Flow with metaphysical healing arts, like Shamanism or telepathic animal communication, we can bring profound changes to the animal, and to the animal’s caregiver as well.

The guests staying at Bumble Bee Ranch got some hands on healing from our group, April 2018. We had been working on their horses, and the people wanted to understand what we were doing. So we said, "May I put my hands on you?" They felt the Flow!

You naturally have this power in your hands, simply by being alive. The connection to nature is as simple as your breath, bringing fresh air into you and letting the old air out. Each drink of water is bringing fresh water into you, making it part of you. Connecting with it as intimately as possible, molecule to molecule. And since molecules themselves are composed of things so small they can be described by physicists according to their energetic properties, then we are merging with the energy of nature around us, simply by being here on this magnificent planet!

My personal belief is that we can change our consciousness to experience this flow, in the same way we change consciousness to go on a Shamanic Journey. Some might akin this to Reiki and yes it does have the energy, but I think it is much more profound. (I am an Ushi Reiki Master). We are merging with the Spirit of the Natural World, and with our Compassionate Allies, to create an experience that is shared across physical and spiritual planes. 

Would you like to experience Connected Flow right now? Allow me to take you on a short Journey to Spirit - through your imagination - into a place in nature that you know and love.  Enter your place in nature, and experience in a new dimension, the dimension of Connected Flow. 


Take a moment now to choose one place in nature that you really love, and that you can remember pretty well. Maybe a soft beach with crabs dancing across the sand.  An old growth forest, with specked light dancing on the moss under your feet. A rippling river with splashing trout snapping up a hatch of flies. The fantastic tree canopying your own back yard. Or even your sweet little flower garden that you tend in the morning, sipping coffee and welcoming the fresh new day.