Connected Flow

What is Connected Flow™ ? It is our ability to bring the compassionate power of creation that pulses through nature all around us, through our hands into the energetic tissues of the animals we love. It allows us to “read” the animal’s tissues, and feel the tissues energetic and physical restrictions. It lets us sense where to move our hands, and what to do when we are at the right spots. It gives us information to help you horse on a physical, emotional and soul level. Combining Connected Flow with bodywork skill and knowledge makes for Powerful Work! And further, combining Connected Flow with metaphysical healing arts, like Shamanism or telepathic animal communication, we can bring profound changes to the animal, and to the animal’s caregiver as well.

All great body workers have this power in their hands – and you do too – but you may not yet realize it. Merging with nature is as natural as being alive. The connection to nature is as simple as your breath, bringing fresh air into you and letting the old air out. Each drink of water is bringing fresh water into you. Making it part of you. Connecting with it as intimately as possible, molecule to molecule. And since molecules themselves are composed of things so small they can be described by physicists according to their energetic properties, then we are merging with the energy of nature around us, simply by being here on this magnificent planet!

Would you like to experience that connection right now? Allow me to take you on a short journey through your imagination.  I have attached a recording that will allow you to enter your place in nature, and experience in a new dimension – the dimension of the Connected Flow. Here is a description of what we are doing in the recording. Read it to get a lay of the land – so to speak –  and then experience it for yourself with the recording.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Now take a moment and sort through your memories of the beautiful places in nature you have experienced in this lifetime. A soft beach with crabs dancing across the sand.  An old growth forest, with specked light dancing on the moss under your feet, and the harmonic symphony of all those birds. A rippling river with splashing trout snapping up a hatch of flies. The fantastic tree canopying your own back yard. Or even your sweet little flower garden that you tend in the morning, sipping coffee and welcoming the fresh new day. 

Be in that place, and let it fill your imagination with all the smells, sounds and visions it evokes. Breath it in, as though you were there, and let it flow through you. Allow that place into your heart. 

I will softly tap my drum for you, creating a rhythm that will let your brain relax, and I will ask you experience that place in your imagination with no reservations, focusing on one sensory experience at a time. Be in that place now – and look around. What do you see? Now shift your attention to listening. What do you hear? Now touch with your hands, and feel with your skin. And now focus on smelling and tasting. And finally relax and allow all your senses to take it all in, and flow the Compassionate Flow that is wrapped through this beautiful scene, to fill your heart. Let it flow through your whole body, and let it concentrate in your hands. You are prepared for the touch. 

Now gently thank that beautiful place for its love, and allow yourself to settle back into your ordinary mind, back into your bones. 

How was that? Delicious? You have just experienced a dimension of nature that is very real, and that you can access at anytime, simply by turning all your attention and intention to the task, and focusing the faculties of your imagination on the place. There is a lot going on with this little journey. Mankind has worked with it over centuries, using it as a basis for bringing compassionate healing power through from “spirit” to humans, long before there was religion, or even written language. Volumes have been written trying to explain it in western and eastern metaphysics, and more recently in modern physics.

I have found that it doesn’t matter what religion a person is affiliated with, so long as their core intention is to be aligned with compassion and love, this multi dimensional nature experience will allow a person to become a channel for the compassionate creative power that surrounds us in this magnificent planet – in this beautiful and divine universe.

You do not have to have a belief system in a higher power to have this multi-dimensional experience work for you, but it can really help. And likewise, you don’t need to use the nature visualization to connect to this compassionate force, your religion may give you a different path. But here is where we all come together – when you connect to this compassionate force, and you train yourself to allow this power to come through your hands in order to bring healing and comfort to another, you are engaging in multidimensional healing that is your birthright, by the nature of your being a living breathing and loving being.

Photo Credit: Copyright Gígja Einarsdóttir