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Renewal with the Cailleach

  • Zoom (map)

November 4th at 5:30 PM. Pacific Time - On ZOOM.

Bury your Bones! And bring the seed of fresh renewal into your heart for the present and the future. Journey to the Cailleach, the ancient mother of winter, to receive an initiation and teaching around your personal experiences with death and rebirth.  On ZOOM. $49 Register Here

The Cailleach taught me in Ireland that in order for our lives to move forward in joy and abundance, we must let our old bones die. It is Samhain, and the Cailleach is taking up her staff to rule the winter. In this class we will meet the Cailleach by journeying into her cairn, and we will undergo an initiation to allow our old bones to die, letting go of our obligations and commitments and identities that are no longer needed. 

What will you release?

Our old bones may be roles that no longer identify us. We all have things that are finished and need to be released - as compost for the fresh spring. 

  • Old jobs and roles.

    • Old relationships.

      • Old identities.

I was a fantastic caregiver for my Father, but now his bones are buried. If I bury my caregiver bones, I am letting that role - and its trials and hardships - go with him, and opening my heart body and soul for a new beauty. The Cailleach said that this ceremony is ideal for people who are transitioning into elder-hood. But it also serves everyone at every stage of their lives!

How I was gifted this ceremony:

My most profound initiation in Ireland came when I honored the Cailleach, the ancient spirit of winter. The Hag is fierce, and her stories are epic.  I was able to journey to her while in her cairn, literally, inside it. So cool!  The cairn we entered is one of many at Loughcrew, an ancient site associated with the Caillegh.

The night before we were to visit Loughcrew I received a call from a client, who really needed help. She has recently lost her father and her brother, and she is in physical pain from a lifetime of athletic encounters with the ground. (Bike racers and horse riders know this story). I journeyed for her, and began in my usual fashion, in my sacred circle with Grandmother Sunflower. Things quickly became different. The highlight was when a druid figure came in, absolutely vividly. I asked Grandmother if this was a compassionate being, and Grandmother said yes, and honored the guest. Then the druid removed her hood, and revealed a deeply cragged face with lumps and warts (some would have said "hideous"), but this face began to morph into the land, becoming the beautiful landscape of mountains, rivers and trees. This is the Cailleach, and recalling it brings tears to my eyes. 

She did a deep healing for my client, and she had a message that is important for all of us. In order to live our lives fully, in joy and abundance, we must allow our old bones to die. Especially when we are in that transition where we have put our elders to rest, and we are taking up the mantle, we must allow old selves to die with them. In this way a fresh new self to be born, like new branches on an ancient oak. 

When I journeyed to her in the cairn, I received an initiation that was personal and deep. I was the culmination of a series of initiations and teaching I was given on the trip. It changed me. I am hoping that she will give you some deep initiations as well on our journey. And then in another setting at a workshop in Oregon with Claude Poncelet, the Cailleach stepped into a journey I was on and took me on this ceremony, and taught it to me step by step. What an honor!

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