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Bumble Bee Retreat 2019

  • Bumble Bee Ranch Bumble Bee Road Black Canyon City, AZ, 85324 United States (map)

2019 dates:  April 12-14  (we gather Thursday evening, April 11, we begin Friday morning, and close Sunday at noon)  $550 all inclusive. 

Going deep with the Sidhe

We have a ceremonial circle at the ranch which is strong and bright. The Sidhe are with us. I will be updating the theme - but here is what we did in in 2018. 

2018  Healing with Horses - Spirits and myofascial techniques
Helping the ranch horses with hands on techniques combined with shamanism. Receiving healing from the horses. Supporting the Hope Kids (cancer patients) with their ranch experience on Saturday. And riding the sweet lovers, out into the desert. All three of my horses will join us. 

We will be working with the center tree of the SpiritHealer Circle and all our helping Spirits. Merging with the tree we open to the infinite, and we center that power back into our core. Our hands become light beacons, and we can do remarkable hands on healing. Layering the merge with our Spirit teachers, we can see what is wrong and fix it, hands on, in the same way we do healing in the shamanic journey. 

This all works magically when we open ourselves to become the Spirit's hollow bone. And it works even better when we have some simple understanding of what's under our hands.  I will share my bodywork knowledge. You will learn the basics of myofacial touch and we will practice on the horses, and maybe even on each other. It's amazing how all the webs tie together. 

Dragon's Gifts

This teaching is the result of a Dragon Egg that I received a few years ago at Bumble Bee. It has hatched, and I am learning horse healing like I am getting a Vulcan mind meld with the Spirits. Wow. Look out below. I want another egg this year! 

Dancing with the Dragon, we will ask to receive a fresh egg in our center core, to birth intentional magic. You will receive the kiss of the dragon this weekend, and the egg will incubate in you. It really works. 

We do important work when we gather at the ranch. Last year the spirits who support us on the ranch fended off a wildfire this spring. They are bringing in lost wandering souls and crossing them to the light. They are organizing Arizona, bringing more circles together, and building our healing power. Come join us! We need you more than ever to make this circle bright. 

Every year we do some hands on work for the ranch horses, and this year we are going to have extra fun -  on Saturday during our afternoon break we will be volunteering on the ranch with The Hope Kids, kids with cancer. Image the gifts you will give these precious ones. I will bring my horses for pony rides.